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Top Tips to Revamp Your Business Analyst Resume


The global market has increasingly become data-driven. Companies are bringing IT Business Analysts professionals on board. These types of professionals are not only visionaries but also use data and technology to create positive change in today’s competitive market.  

Maybe, you are the one with a breadth of skills, employing data analytics to bridge the gap between IT and business may be your forte but your resume doesn’t reflect so. Else you already have a Business Analysts’ job but desire to move on to better pastures. To get your job hunt off to a good start, you should revamp your resume. Accordingly, an updated LinkedIn profile should be forward attached to the email application. 

We’ve already provided you with resume for IT business analyst guidance. However, here we have come with some tips tailored for remodeling your resume. 

4 Tips to Revamp Business Analyst Resume

  • Choosing the Right Format 


While writing a resume you can choose from 3 types of formatting. Your choice will be according to consideration of factors like experience or career gaps if any. You could opt for a functional resume that focuses better on your skillset and less on your work history. A quick understanding of all types of format is below: 

Reverse Chronological Resume Format is most preferred. It presents your past experiences starting from the most recent one and continued by your older roles. This resume format is also ATS-friendly.  


Functional Resume Format is preferable if any career gaps or multiple career changes. It is not ATS-friendly which is a downside of this format. 


Combination Resume Format is a fusion format and puts equal attention on your skills and past experiences. However, if you are a fresher don’t pick this as the best option.

  • Make Your resume summary stand out

The best possibility to write a great resume summary is to include both tasks and a measurable result. This will create an impact on the very start of your resume scanning. Your Business analyst resume summary should indicate what industry you worked in and much less the tasks you did.

  • Frame Impactful One-liners for Your Professional Experience 

Recruiters rarely spend extra time reading bulky paragraphs on a single resume.  A clear IT analyst job description resume will present the candidate’s duties firmly.


Impactful one-liners talk about your previous roles and have to be written in bullet points. Use hard numbers to assure your excellence to the recruiter.


  • Add Keywords Throughout Resume

In improving your resume, add keywords and skills in the top one-third part. This is the most valuable piece of real estate on your IT analyst job description resume. Avoid the common mistake in your resume alteration of filling it with job responsibilities. Rather weave keywords to your accomplishments. Charm recruiters with style – fill the experience section with accomplishments as they show an improvement trajectory.

  • Sell your skills and show your tools

Be a great deal of technical, hard, and soft skills in bundles of resumes. Even if you don’t have experience specific or are new to the target industry you’re applying for. Tailor your application by figuring out the skills you can boast about that might apply. Describe your tools knowledge like communication tools, presentation tools, databases, spreadsheets, etc. 

Key Takeaways to write an interview-worthy resume 

We have guided you through the first step to how to revamp your resume and get your desired IT analyst job.  In the top tips, we made you familiar with all the errors you must avoid. Still, a few tricks you can consider for an IT analyst job description resume are:


  • Frame your bullet points with a cause and effect relation
  • Use white space concept – easy to scan instead of data-heavy
  • Use italics, bold, and caps to attract the eye while formatting
  • Achievement tripwires – they will act as speed bumps to hold the attention
  • Add a short cover letter to crack the hiring process – avoid repeating your resume
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