A Complete Guide to the Best Video Games for Seniors


Did you know that playing video games can improve cognitive abilities in older adults? Gaming isn’t just for young people anymore; there are many benefits of gaming at every age.

If you want to try gaming and reap the benefits, you may be wondering what games to play. Keep reading for suggestions for video games for seniors.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are great because they do not require the same dexterity needed with a controller. Although utilizing a controller can be great for hand dexterity, it may be less frustrating for seniors to play a game on a phone or tablet where they are able to control the game through a touch screen.

Games such as Candy Crush, Wordscapes, and Angry Birds are excellent choices for seniors. The fact that these games are puzzles and require strategy means they can also be helpful for older adults with dementia or Alzheimers.

If the ads are frustrating, a company like Gamemine offers subscriptions that allow you to play thousands of mobile games with an ad-free experience.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports are great video games for the elderly. This is fun gaming that allows for light activity.

If you know a senior who loves bowling or tennis or other games on Wii Fit but simply cannot play anymore, let them try Wii Fit. These games do not have the same level of stress on the body as the actual activity.

Super Mario Games

Wii also has many classic Super Mario games. If you know someone who is constantly talking about “the good old days,” give them a taste of nostalgia by letting them take the Wii out for a run with classic games like Mario.

World of Warcraft

For seniors who enjoy games that are more in-depth and require more strategy, online games like World of Warcraft are great choices. Not only does this game have a story, but it provides social time and requires you to think critically.

Do you want to enhance the experience even more? Help them look up video game guides and video game tips to help them along the way.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a simulation game that is popular among senior citizens. This game allows for fun daily tasks and customization.

This is another game you are able to introduce a social aspect as well. With socialization changing, senior citizens can still have the opportunity to socialize through games such as Animal Crossing and World of Warcraft.


When you think of Minecraft, you typically think of a younger generation. However, this game is excellent for senior citizens as well.

Minecraft involves critical thinking, which is great to help with cognitive functioning. It also allows for creativity and multiple modes of play.

Check Out These Video Games for Seniors

Are you ready to get involved in gaming? These video games for seniors are great choices that will provide hours of fun and tons of benefits.

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