Why an empty leg flight is a sustainable way to fly

Why an empty leg flight is a sustainable way to fly

Looking for a way to fly on a private jet without the commitment? 

With an empty leg flight, you can achieve exactly that. Forget the long queues, needless delays, and stressful gate announcements – when you go private, you’ll be shown straight to your jet from the moment you arrive at the airport. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth, either: by choosing the next empty leg departure, you’ll be making sure that the fuel used for the journey won’t go to waste.

Whether you’re a first-time private flyer or just planning for an upcoming holiday, it’s always worth learning more about the exclusive benefits of choosing an empty leg flight.

What is an empty leg flight?

In the private air charter sector, an empty leg flight is the term used to refer to a flight that leaves without passengers. In most cases, it would be leaving an airport after dropping off one client and on its way to pick up the next client in another location. However, an unscheduled empty leg flight could result after a last-minute cancellation too.

It’s no secret that flying empty private jets is environmentally irresponsible. Just one private jet can emit up to two tonnes of carbon dioxide per hour, so shorter flights can be particularly harmful. However, industry leaders in private aviation are making it their priority to fill as many empty seats as possible.

Why choose an empty leg flight?

Sometimes up to 75% cheaper than a regular private charter fare, empty leg flights are a fantastic way to access private air travel for private clients. Provided that you can be flexible with your travel arrangements or manage to secure the one-way route you’d been planning, making the most of a one-off flight could be the most memorable way to travel.

Empty-leg flights mean you might be surprised that you can afford to fly privately. Compared to a pre-booked route, these departures are much more cost-effective for individuals, families, and businesses.

How can more seats be filled on empty leg flights?

Technology is vital when it comes to dealing with the emissions generated by empty leg flights. 

Above all, flight providers can use applications and online booking platforms to make sure that passengers interested in empty leg flights are immediately notified when seats become available. Geolocating features enable apps to provide and suggest private opportunities near the client’s location, helping operators deal with on-demand requests for private charter.

Once booked, the carbon footprint of that flight is immediately reduced, offering a productive alternative to the long-lasting environmental impact of flying the jet empty.

What are the benefits of empty leg corporate flights?

Choosing empty leg flights to get your team to the next conference makes your company greener. The profit created by this type of booking can then be used to boost other sustainable projects, and the technical resources of the aircraft need not be wasted on a purposeless journey. 

Concluding thoughts

Flying privately will never be as environmentally conscious as typical passenger flights, but it certainly offers greater comfort and convenience. As long as you’ve got some flexibility, choosing an empty leg flight is one way to reduce the impact and get to your destination in style.