What Rugs are Made of?

Rugs can be made from various materials. All materials are unique and the rugs made from different materials have different texture, quality, durability and look. You should know all the kinds of materials and rugs before choosing which one you want. Rugs are not just random shopping, rugs are valuable investments which should be made carefully.

Rugs are usually made of two kinds of materials:

  • Natural materials
  • Synthetic materials


  • Natural materials: Natural materials are obtained from nature and there are many natural materials used to make rugs, below given are some the examples of natural materials
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Hides and Leather
  • Jute and Sisal


  • Synthetic materials: Synthetic materials are human made and cannot be obtained from nature. Various kinds of synthetic materials used to make rugs are:
  • Polypropylene (BCF)
  • Frese
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Microfibre
  • Artificial Silk
  • Wool:

Wool is used in all the best quality rugs. Those rugs are also expensive. Although this kind of rug sheds some wool, it feels really soft and warm under feet. However amazing wool rugs may be, people can be allergic to wool so make sure that you and your family members don’t have any allergies like that.

  • Silk:

Real silk is produced from silkworms and can be quite expensive as well. Silk fibres are of really good quality and can be used in making rugs with really fine spinning and details. The best persian and Turkish rugs are made from silk and they are the most expensive rugs although the best rugs as well.

  • Cotton:

Cotton is a natural material. It is used to make flat weave rugs that are used as bath mats or such. Cotton rugs are not good as decorative pieces of art and it’s not durable for long terms. However it is useful for some important purposes.

  • Hides and Leather:

Rugs are also made from real leather or imitation leather. Hides are made from animal skins that have gone through some processing and tanning.

  • Jute and Sisal:

These are fibres obtained from plants. They make great rugs for modern aesthetic settings. The material is dried and processed and used to make flat weave simple rugs. The material is produced in the sub-continent India.

  • Polypropylene:

Usually these rugs are low quality. They are thin and difficult to vacuum. Although they’re used for both indoor and outdoor needs.

  • Frese:

Frese is made of polypropylene only but it has gone through a process that gives it more lustre.

  • Viscose:

Viscose is a fibre that is made from regenerated wood cellulose. Viscose rayon is similar to cotton although it has properties similar to silk such as being soft and shiny. It is often mixed with wool or other yarns to gain elasticity because viscose on its own doesn’t provide any elasticity.

  • Polyester:

Polyester fibres make a shiny rug with fine spun yarn. Polyester is a by-product of oil refinement.

  • Artificial Silk:

Artificial silk is basically umbrella term for viscose, rayon, polyester and other synthetic yarns used for making a rug.

Now you have invested in such an expensive and valuable rug, wouldn’t you want it to last long? So how can you do that? We recommend regular and periodic 12 months or so professional cleaning to extend your rug’s lifespan. The older the rug, the more valuable it’ll be. Not to forget professional rug cleaning will also ensure you have a hygienic and beautiful rug.

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