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Should You Use an Electric Dab Rig?


Recently, electric dab rigs, known as e-rigs, have emerged as a popular choice among dabbers worldwide. However, the essential question arises: which e-rig suits your needs best? To find an answer, it becomes crucial to comprehend their operation and, more importantly, identify your specific requirements when planning to buy one. Read on to learn more.

Suppose you are familiar with the art of dabbing. In that case, you’ve likely come across electric dab rigs, their popularity soaring in the THC community with the advent of more reliable technology.

These e-rigs are gaining prominence rapidly, and you might be contemplating investing in one. But the key question remains: which electric dab rig under $100 perfectly fits you? To decode this, we need to delve into their functionality and, more significantly, determine your specific needs when you decide to make a purchase.

What Is an Electric Dab Rig?

A dab is a minuscule quantity of concentrated cannabis, typically containing over 80 percent THC or CBD. It is consumed by heating and vaporizing at an elevated temperature. Due to its high concentration, only a tiny amount is required to experience its effects.

Utilizing dabs involves heating a nail to a temperature ranging between 315- and 440 degrees Fahrenheit. The nail is then touched to the dab, and the ensuing vapor is quickly inhaled. Initially, a blowtorch was employed to heat the nail, a popular method today. However, with the increasing prevalence of dabs, there have been significant improvements in dabbing tools.

Electric dab rigs have made a blowtorch redundant, offering a safer and simpler alternative. Sometimes referred to as e-nails or electric dab rigs, such as mingvape luxo, they provide greater control over the nail’s temperature, which allows users to find the ideal vaporization point that maximizes the flavor and aroma of the cannabis terpenes.

Operating an electric dab rig is straightforward. Simply turn on the device and heat your nail in the controller box. Once the nail attains the correct temperature (indicated by the controller box), apply the dab and inhale the vapor generated as it combusts.

Electric Dab Rig vs Traditional Dab Rig

While we’ve briefly touched on the superiority of electronic rigs (e-rigs) over conventional rigs, let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind this.


Electric dab rigs necessitate a slight initial setup. This involves securing the coils around your rig and ensuring stability. You should take the time to examine the coil, the part that will heat your nail, the cords, and the whole unit. It’s crucial to confirm that everything is in optimal functioning condition before you begin using it. This is why some individuals favor portable electric dab rigs. When using these portable electronic dab rigs, all you have to do is ensure its fully powered up before using.

Standard dab rigs, on the other hand, are relatively simple to use. All you need to do is put everything on the table, including the torch, and you’re ready to start dabbing.

Ease of Use

E-rigs present a much simpler alternative to traditional rigs, easily welcoming even novices to the world of dabbing. Most e-rigs can be operated single-handedly. The difference between using an e-rig and a conventional rig is comparable to a stroll versus a strenuous mountain climb, particularly for beginners.

Elimination of Open Flame

E-rigs eliminate the necessity for an open flame, enhancing the product’s safety and its usage environment. The potential risks associated with open flames are well-known, and removing the torch from the dabbing process is undeniably beneficial.

Detailed Control

One of the most compelling aspects of e-rigs is the degree of control they afford to users. With some models allowing temperature precision to a degree and offering a broad range of temperatures, they facilitate the vaporization of THC in a way that can be tailored to individual preferences.

Portability and Discreetness

Though not all e-rigs are compact, they are undoubtedly more portable than their traditional counterparts. With fewer external accessories required, they are easy to transport. Their discreet design, which doesn’t attract as much attention as typical glassware, lends a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

Hit and flavor

In terms of impact and flavor, experiences can differ. Some users report that electric dab rigs provide more intense hits and a purer flavor. However, others prefer the traditional dabbing method, believing that the torch’s heat vaporizes the concentrates more effectively than E-rigs.

So, there you have it! A brief comparison between electric and regular dab rigs. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to your personal use and preference. If you have any insights or experiences to share regarding your use of electric and standard dab rigs, feel free to comment below!

Cost-effectiveness and Dependability

E-rigs have reached a point where they are affordably produced, and the components used are reliable, ensuring sustained use and dependability. When compared to traditional glass, e-rigs are becoming competitively priced, offering a plethora of additional features.


E-rigs are designed to be easier to clean than conventional glass rigs. Most models are designed to be taken apart and cleaned after each use. These user-friendly designs aim to simplify the maintenance process, enhancing user satisfaction with both the product and their overall experience. For cleaning purposes, we recommend using 90% isopropyl alcohol on your glass parts.

Types Of Electric Dab Rigs

Since the declaration of dabbing as a safer method of consuming cannabis, numerous different types and models have been introduced. Below are some of the most common variations of electric dab rigs:

Desktop Electric Dab Rigs

Designed for home use, these devices are larger in size compared to other models. However, their size comes with advantages, as they can accommodate a larger amount of dab and require less frequent refueling.

Additionally, these devices are more durable compared to other types discussed here. On the downside, they need to be plugged in to continue dabbing.

Electric Nectar Collectors

These are the only true vertical dab rigs available in the market, using a built-in battery for operation. They are highly portable and easy to use.

So how do they work? It’s simple; the heating tip heats the concentrate to an optimal temperature for evaporation. The vapors rise from the tube into the nail and can be inhaled from there.

E-Nail Bubblers

Sitting between the desktop and nectar collector versions in terms of size, these rigs are often referred to as the “middle option”. Cannabis concentrates are placed on the dab nail and heated to extract vapors.


The Electric Dab Rig represents a groundbreaking and user-friendly method to indulge in your concentrates. Its simplicity, temperature regulation, and water purification deliver a distinctive and pleasurable encounter. If you seek a contemporary, secure, and hassle-free way to dab, the electric dab rig is unquestionably worth your attention. With this comprehensive manual to the electric dab rig, you possess all the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice and relish the complete advantages of this inventive contraption.

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