SharePoint vs. OneDrive: What’s the Difference?


    Ready or not: remote work is here to stay.

    Companies discovered in the past year that not only does having optional remote work boost employee productivity and morale, but it also saves them money.

    Remote work gives people the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to stress about long commutes to the office. And if you wanna work in sweatpants one day, you can!

    Cloud file-sharing is one of the key factors that make remote work possible. There are a lot of options out there for file-sharing software. Microsoft is one of the leading manufacturers of this software.

    Microsoft has two programs to choose from. Let’s discuss Sharepoint vs. Onedrive.

    What Are Sharepoint and Onedrive?

    Both Sharepoint and Onedrive are cloud-based file storage and sharing solutions. They both operate within Microsoft’s secure cloud.

    While these two software work in similar ways, they have very distinct differences. They each have preferred use cases.

    To break it down simply, Onedrive is best for personal file storage, and Sharepoint is ideal for teams working together on a project.

    What are the main differences between the two?

    Cloud Storage Space

    Neither Onedrive nor Sharepoint is designed to work as permanent storage solutions. Onedrive comes with 1TB of storage, with capabilities to purchase up to 5TB.

    That amount of storage is most likely enough for personal use. However, it’s not enough storage for a whole team’s worth of files, especially if you have video and picture files.

    Sharepoint supplies more storage space for larger teams. It also connects with Microsoft’s company communication software, Teams. Any files shared on Teams are available through Sharepoint for everyone to view.

    Sharing Capabilities

    Both software make it easy to share files. Onedrive makes it so you can share files with a link or by email. But the default setting of your files is private. If you’re working on a project, you have the option of keeping it to yourself until you’re ready to share.

    Sharepoint, on the other hand, focuses on collaboration. Everything in the cloud folder is available to anyone within the team. That makes Sharepoint the go-to for big projects with multiple users working on them.

    Security and Access

    Onedrive for business and Sharepoint both utilize data encryption. If a person without proper authorization were to try and intercept one of the files on either software, they would only receive the encrypted file.

    Anyone with the credentials to view a file can access it from wherever they are with internet access. Both Sharepoint and Onedrive have cloud access.

    So if you have to get that proposal in ASAP, but all you have is your phone, no sweat.

    Sharepoint vs. Onedrive: Which Is Better?

    Is one better than the other? No, not really. The two software work similarly, but exist for different uses.

    Both Onedrive and Sharepoint have basic packages that come with Microsoft 365. With the Microsoft Suite installed, you can utilize both software to their full potential.

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    It’s always a good idea to research new software before implementing it. That’s especially the case when it comes to remote workflows.

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