Why Having a Home Air Purifier System Is So Important

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    Did you know there are a wide variety of indoor air pollutants in your home? If you’re considering a home air purifier, we can help.

    In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of an air purifier. You’ll learn about why you should consider investing in a home air purifier system.

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    Remove Chemicals From Your Home

    You may think when you close your windows or doors, you cut off possible external pollutants. External pollutants include carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

    The gases found in areas of high traffic can slip into your home. Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide increase the risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    If you don’t live in a bustling city, the indoor air could still get polluted from cleaning agent toxins. Household cleaners get filled with toxic chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and phthalates.

    Exposure to the chemicals in small doses tends to be harmless. Routine exposure can cause significant health problems like neurological disorders, cancer, or tumors.

    Air purifiers that have activated carbon will clean these chemical contaminants.

    You Can Relieve Asthma Symptoms

    Does anyone in your family have asthma? Asthma will cause the bronchial tubes to become inflamed. Dust, pollen, or pet dander will irritate asthmatics’ airways, resulting in labored breathing.

    During the year, different kinds of cats and dogs will begin to shed. When a pet scratches its neck, it will end up spreading dander and hair. The pet dander will circulate in the air.

    Depending on the season, pollen can also trigger asthmatic symptoms.

    Pollen particles will travel along with the breeze that slips into open windows. It can also cling to your clothing while you’re walking outside.

    Another common air irritant is dust mites. Dust mites tend to do well in a humid environment.

    Dust mites will feed on dead skin cells and multiply inside upholstered furniture or carpeting. Vacuuming your carpet, floors, and bed will help to get rid of these indoor air allergens. Yet, you can’t vacuum the air.

    A lot of household air purifiers will contain HEPA filters. The filter will capture the pollutants and help rid the air of allergens.

    HEPA filters get created from multi-layered meshes of fine fiberglass threads. Pet dander, dust mites, or pollen will end up getting trapped in the meshes.

    Some air purifiers will also have replaceable pre-filters to trap big particles. An air purifier will help keep your home free of indoor air pollutants.

    Don’t Worry About Smelly Odors Anymore

    Formaldehyde, benzene, and gasoline will break down at room temperature. Chemicals get found in aerosol sprays, air fresheners, paints, or upholstered furniture.

    The odor will end up causing breathlessness, nausea and impact your cognitive functions.

    Also, when you’re cooking food that has a strong smell, your home will end up smelling fresher. Enjoy cooking your favorite dishes at home and trying out new spices. Your air purifier will help remove the odor.

    Lower the Risks of Airborne Diseases

    The typical flu or cold will get spread through small pathogens that float around.

    If a family member ends up catching a cold, sometimes the entire family will follow suit. Everyone breathes the infected air and gets impacted by viruses and bacteria.

    Air purifiers that have HEPA filters will capture the viruses and bacteria. Getting rid of the cause of airborne diseases will help protect your family.

    Do you live with older people or people with weaker immune systems? Look at getting an air purifier.

    Get Rid of Radon

    Radioactive elements like uranium get found in building materials and produce radon gas. Radon’s an odorless and colorless gas that releases from granite, soil, or rocks.

    Look out for cracks on walls, plasterwork, or the floor. The carcinogenic radon gas can leak into your environment through these small cracks.

    Radon gas can damage the cell linings of your lungs and even cause cancer.

    Lower the risk of radon pollution. Use air purifiers. Pick up activated carbon and HEPA filters that will trap radon gas and radon particles.

    Boost Your Sleep

    Allergens like dust mites, fungi, and bacteria could trigger hay fever or allergies. Hay fever can cause you to have a runny nose that lasts.

    Coughing, nose congestion, sore throat, or frequent sneezing are common allergic symptoms. People end up with disrupted sleep and wake up feeling exhausted.

    Inadequate sleep will end up causing drowsiness during the day and poor concentration. People who deal with sleep deprivation tend to be less productive.

    Use HEPA air filters to remove allergens and have a better sleep.

    Get Rid of Asbestos Particles

    Asbestos insulation pipes and roofing materials were relatively standard from the 40s-60s.

    Do you live in an older house? If so, you might have gotten exposed to asbestos particles. Do you work in an older commercial building? The facilities will shed materials and spread asbestos dust in the air.

    People who inhale asbestos particles could end up with lung disease. Loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, or swelling in the face are signs of asbestos. The condition can heighten the risk of lung cancer.

    Look at getting a quality home air purifier installed.

    Consider Investing in a Home Air Purifier System

    We hope this guide on the benefits of a home air purifier system was helpful. An air purifier can remove air pollutants and improve the air quality for asthmatics. Consider investing in an air purifier.

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