7 Industries That Have Unique Marketing Needs

    7 Industries That Have Unique Marketing Needs

    Those who work in marketing understand that some concepts and theories translate across different industries. Although, not everything translates as many companies have varying calls to action or end goals in mind for their customers. For instance, a company that runs entirely online isn’t going to have the same marketing goals or initiatives as a small business that primarily runs out of a shop on Main Street. While the goal is going to be to increase awareness by getting customer eyes on the brand, it’s important to understand what makes each industry unique and identify the needs that come with it.

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    They’re not often thought of this way, but a lawyer is a contractor like many other service industries. Their website and other marketing materials are meant to convey to individuals why they should pick them over other similarly qualified competitors. Credibility and experience are often major points that lawyers sell to prospective clients and their marketing efforts will demonstrate this in digital and traditional methods.


    Primary Care Physicians

    Not all doctors are the same. As previously mentioned with lawyers and other businesses as well, credibility is an essential part for doctors to reach out to their patients. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for physicians to put blog posts with free medical information on their websites. Topics that can include signs and symptoms to look out for with seasonal illnesses, how to prepare for allergy season, and others will help a doctor relay basic care needs to patients so they want to come to see them when they have more serious needs. Marketing strategies that target local patients have proven to be effective methods of driving patient engaging and growing practices.



    Many people aren’t going to be too picky when finding a dentist. After all, most patients visit their dentist twice a year then don’t think anything about visiting until the next appointment approaches. This means that there are things that need to be done with dental marketing efforts to set a dentist apart from the rest in the area. Similar to physicians, this can include blog posts with useful information to make prospective patients aware of the dental clinic or tutorial videos with proper brushing and flossing techniques.



    The automotive industry is incredibly competitive. It seems like there are car dealerships on just about every corner across the country with many of them carrying the same vehicles at the same price. The name of the game with online marketing a car dealership is building a strong SEO campaign that gets each location toward the top of search engine results pages. This is what is going to set one new or used car dealership apart from its competition online. 


    With traditional marketing, it’s important to take an approach of appealing to your target demographic. This could include hiring locally influential spokespeople for commercials or running regular specials. Either way, much of the traditional marketing strategy with car dealerships includes techniques to appeal to the local demographics.



    Educational institutions have needs that are going to differ from those of contractors and retail stores. For example, a call to action for a school or trade school will be vastly different than an auto group. A community college would want prospective students to enroll or submit information for an informational packet, whereas a car dealership will have buttons on their website that say call now. While you’re still placing a call to action in front of the student or customer, how you approach each will be different. Community colleges will commonly list available programs and certifications with job placement statistics that they can compare with other schools. Yes, they’re selling their services to students, but it’s more of a long-term approach than getting them to enroll at that moment.



    Websites that are meant to entertain users with humorous or informational content often function much differently than those of traditional retail sites. One example is a blog that provides entertainment news. The content creator will publish articles with SEO-friendly headlines that catch the attention of readers to get them to the website. Once there, readers will have access to a number of other posts. The blog will market to users once they’re on the site to get them to stay there by putting links to other posts on the side of the window and at the bottom of the page.


    Real Estate

    Buying a house isn’t something that most people take lightly. Real estate agents understand this and often have to work to gain clients to complete at least one sale each month. This means that it’s a numbers game driving clients to a website or a physical location. Often this will come in the form of a shotgun approach with SEO strategy, paid ads, social media, and traditional marketing materials like mailers and TV spots. These methods together can help to create a funnel of potential clients for a real estate agent to have a continual flow of clients.

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