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Boost Traffic: 7 SEO Tips for Beginners to Help Your Business

Did you know that search engine users are 94% more likely to click on an organic result than a paid ad? This is only one reason why investing in SEO is important so that users can find your website.

If you are scratching your head already, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a toolkit of techniques that you can use to boost your website’s rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Don’t worry; there are plenty of simple SEO tips for beginners, so it is 100% okay if you are clueless. And this guide will take you through all the essential ones so your website can start benefiting from these tools today!

1. Learn Everything You Can About Keywords

Keywords are phrases or sentences that people type into search engines to find services or information. It is another way of saying “search terms.” Any good SEO Web Consulting company will tell you they are the foundation of any good SEO strategy.

Because if you know what search terms your potential customers are using, you can focus your content on those search terms. That way, you will appear in SERPs, and your people will find your website.

How do you know which keywords to use? That is what keyword research tools are for. All the best ones are premium tools, but they are worth the money.

The ideal keywords have a high number of people searching for them but have low competition from other websites.

Focus on one primary keyword phrase for every piece of content. But you also want seven to ten secondary keywords, too.

For example, let’s say your keyword phrase is “best camping equipment.” Your secondary keywords might be top camping equipment, equipment for camping, quality camp gear, etc.

2. Be Strategic When Using Keywords

One of the best basic SEO tips for beginners is to be strategic when placing keywords in your website content.

In every blog post or page of your site, your keyword needs to appear in the following:

  • URL
  • H1 title tag
  • Some H2 and H3 title tags
  • Meta description
  • First 100 words/introduction
  • Some image alt tags
  • Text body where relevant

Your secondary keywords should appear in the body of the text where relevant, too. Don’t overstuff your posts with keywords. This is a blackhat SEO technique and is not a strategy supported by search engines like Google.

3. Create Helpful and Informative Content

All content that you create for your site should follow Google’s E-A-T formula.

Every piece of content on your site should highlight your

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

And if that is Google’s advice, you know it is one of the most essential SEO tips for beginners!

So, when you write content, it needs to be helpful, informative, and well-researched. You should create content that fits in one niche rather than being a jack of all trades; if you publish content about mechanics, weddings, and fishing, then you are not an expert or an authority on anything.

4. Brick and Mortar Business? Use Local SEO

If your website is for your brick-and-mortar business, then you need to harness the power of local SEO. These are SEO techniques for physical businesses because you only want to target people searching in your location.

When creating content for your website, make sure you mention the name of your city on every page. Include the city in the URL and even the state if the name of your city is common.

Open a Google My Business account and make sure your business’s location is correct. Update the photographs and company bio so that when customers search for services you offer, your business pops up straight away.

5. Increase Your Website’s Speed

Many SEO for beginners tip guides might not include site speed as it is a recent Google ranking factor. But it is one of the more important ones.

All these variables affect your site’s speed:

  • Hosting company and location
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding
  • Image and other multimedia sizes
  • Web design and theme
  • Website cache
  • SSL certificate
  • Plugins

Enter your website’s URL on a site speed tester like GTMetrix or Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It will give you a speed score and a list of ways you can improve. You want to aim for a site speed of three seconds or less.

6. Choose a Web Design for User Experience

Web design is one of the variables that affect your site speed, but it is something you can optimize for search engines for other reasons.

First, you need to choose a web design with mobile devices in mind first and desktops second. Most people perform searches on mobiles, and Google only indexes (catalogs) your mobile site, not the desktop version.

It should be simple, easy to navigate, and have as much white/empty space as possible. The layouts of your web content should be simple and have plenty of headings and images to break up the text.

Include a clear “call to action” at the bottom of every web page instructing users on what to do next. Google hates complex websites as they are harder to crawl.

7. Develop a Link Building Strategy

To round out your SEO strategy, you need to build links. Links from other websites to yours are backlinks, and Google uses these to determine how trustworthy your site is. They are very important for SEO.

Invest in writing guest posts for other sites that will include a link back to your website. Create shareable content and link to it on your social media accounts. If you generate enough buzz, other websites, social media pages, and press outlets will want to link back to your site.

Don’t forget to link to existing, internal web pages when you create new content, too. This will not only help SEO but keep users on your site for longer, too.

Use These SEO Tips for Beginners to Kickstart Your Online Business

If you know nothing about optimizing your content, these SEO tips for beginners are a great place to begin. But if you keep growing your site and learning about SEO, there are no limits to the reach of your content.

Want more tech tips to help you achieve your online business dreams? No problem! Check out the “business” and “technology” categories on our website for tons of helpful guides and useful information.

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