3 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer in the Gaming Niche


    There is no doubt that the gaming industry is experiencing major growth year-on-year and for the first time ever, the United States is forecast to overtake China in revenue. This is largely due to government restrictions in China which are holding revenue back there to some extent. With major growth forecast, if ever there was a time to consider becoming an affiliate marketer in the gaming niche, 2022 would be the year.

    1. Record Setting Revenue from Game Sales

    According to the newzoo.com website, it is forecast that the global gaming market will see revenue reaching $203.1 billion in 2022. Of that number, it is predicted that $50.5 billion will be credited to the United States with China trailing at a close second reaching $50.2 billion. They gathered their data from the Global Games Market Report. With such a rise in revenue, you can expect that gaming PCs, consoles and mobile devices will also reach record highs as well.

    2. Advances in Gaming Technology

    As for becoming an affiliate marketer in the gaming niche, you can expect a significant rise in revenue generated from the sale of gaming gear. One of the more recent technologies that serious gamers are seeking would be a Gaming Router. These are developed to prioritize online multiplayer games. The router is supplied with a list of URLs that gamers favor and those are given priority over any other sites that may pass through. In this way, gaming transmissions have a higher service quality for transmissions between the PC or gaming system and the listed URLs. This is set to be a hot commodity this year so it would be a great product to list as an affiliate marketer.

    3. It’s Not Just Sales

    As a gamer yourself, the one thing your audience will appreciate is that you are not just out there trying to sell products. Although you are doing that, you are also speaking from a position of experience. What you might want to do is develop a blog where you could share some of the industry knowledge you have gathered over the years. By sharing tips and tricks you’ve learned, you will gather a following who would be most interested in products you recommend. You could actually make a living being an influencer in the gaming niche and that’s something few salespeople can ever say. Most are in it for the commission, which is nice, but isn’t it nicer making a bit of cash when doing something you really love?

    If you take the time to scout some of your favorite accessories, game systems and even games, you just might find that you can become an affiliate marketer for many of those brands. It is always better to start from a position of strength, which you will have. Who knows gaming products better than a confederate gamer? Just think of all the fun you will have playing those customers you meet along the way on equipment they bought through you. How much better can it get?

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