What Is Trakkit and How Will It Change Your Business?


    Trakkit is a new feature Apple unveiled on September 19, 2018, at its annual developer conference (Apple World Conference). The company introduced the app as a way to connect with users of games and other apps. Trakt, an Estonian-based company, has also been working on this app for quite some time, as evidenced by leaked screenshots a few months ago. So what is Trakkit and how will it change your business? Keep reading to learn more!

    What is Trakkit?

    Trakkit is an app that connects users of gaming and other apps with your brand. Thanks to Trakkit, users no longer need to log in to your app over and over again. Using this app, users can automatically create a “reward” account and earn rewards every time they open an app from your brand, helping them stay hooked on your brand and make more purchases. Trakkit is a “reward” platform that lets app developers seamlessly integrate rewards functionality into their apps. Developers who use Trakkit can give users the option to automatically link their account with theirs and earn rewards every time they use their app. Trakkit users can also choose to opt out of linking their accounts, ensuring they only receive rewards when they’re using the app.

    Why is Apple Building It?

    Apple has long been a key player in the world of app development and marketing. The company makes it incredibly easy to create an app and then market it effectively with iOS and other software features. Apple has also been focused on making it easier for consumers to find new content. The company has been working to make it easier for users to discover new apps and content on all their devices and platforms, like a TV. Thus, it makes sense that Apple would want to help brands create more engaging experiences for people.

    What Will Trakkit Do for Your Business?

    Trakkit is a new way to engage with your existing customers. Instead of emailing them, calling them, or going to their homes and offices, users can get rewards from the apps they love. It’s a way to make it easier for your fans to engage with your brand. With Trakkit, you can create an automated system that rewards users for opening your app and generating more traffic and sales for your business. Trakkit allows brands to create unique “rewards” for their users that are customisable and easily viewable in their app. This could include an offer for free content or a free trial, a discount, or other incentives that create a more positive experience for the user.

    How Does Trakkit Work?

    Trakkit is an API (Application Programming Interface) that connects apps and users. When a user installs an app, they automatically create an account on Trak. Users can then link one or many apps to their account, earning rewards when they open them. Trakkit is a tool that helps developers integrate with Trak and create a seamless experience for their users. When a user installs an app, the app connects with Trak to create an account. The app can then select which rewards to show the user, such as what percentage of the app is free. Trakkit is a marketplace that connects app developers with users. Users create an account with their email address and then browse and select which apps they want to reward.

    Should You Use Trakkit in Your Business?

    Trakkit is a great way to engage with users of your game or other apps. It’s a great way to create a rewards system for your users, giving them something extra when they open your app. Trakkit is also a great way to track user behaviour, like how much time a user spends in your app. This information is especially useful for business models based on premium content, like paid apps or online courses.

    Final Words

    Trakkit is a new way for brands to engage with their customers. Using Trakkit, brands can create custom rewards for their users and automatically track their behaviour. Trakkit is a new way for brands to engage with their customers. Using Trakkit, brands can create custom rewards for their users and automatically track their behaviour.