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Is Digital Out of Home Marketing Worth It?

Out-of-home marketing, or OOH for short, has been around for a long time. This is actually one of the older marketing methods that are still used to this day, which speaks to the fact that it has stood the test of time. This kind of marketing is only still relevant because it just simply works. While the rise and prominence of the internet and advancements in technology have affected almost every aspect of commerce, OOH media continues to deliver in the same way it did before cellphones were even on the market.

The most famous example of OOH media is the billboard. OOH media focuses on targeting areas with an incredibly high volume of foot traffic. Using a branded advertisement, this kind of marketing hits a generalized audience but is one of the most effective ways to interact with a high volume of potential customers with little to no maintenance. This kind of marketing has been used by the biggest and most loved brands in the entire world and has a strong sense of credibility.

That all being said, while OOH media and its marketing techniques may not be anything new, it doesn’t mean that it also hasn’t advanced with the times. In fact, technology has made the digital age something that OOH media can benefit from with the rise of digital out of home media, or DOOH for short. This kind of media utilizes high-quality digital panels that have the ability to showcase stunning visuals and in some cases even have special effects or interactive capabilities.

While DOOH opens the door for a variety of new possibilities and exciting opportunities to connect to potential customers, the question has to be asked, is it worth it? If OOH media and marketing has been successful throughout all of these years, why bump up to DOOH and take the potential risk of investing more for the same amount of results?

If you have been wondering if making the jump to DOOH is right for you and your brand, here is everything you need to know!

DOOH is Easier

One of the first things that DOOH platforms bring to the table is the ease of use. While analog options require a more complicated process for changing a billboard, digital options allow for an easy upload. This is great for brands that may want to show off a multi-level marketing strategy that shows more than one panel. This also frees up the process of designing and producing the advertisement.

Because of the flexibility and ease of the digital medium, brands can afford to be a lot more creative with how they design and implement their advertisements. Using high-quality, vibrant digital panels, you can create stunning digital visuals that you may otherwise not be able to if you were using an analog option.

There is a Huge Variety to Choose From

One of the benefits of DOOH is that there is just as big a variety of options to choose from as analog or more traditional options. Any OOH media panel can be substituted with a digital panel and this can have some great results. Take a mobile billboard truck. These trucks that a large digital panel that wraps around their body and acts as a billboard on wheels. Because of the ability to build a digital advertisement, they can be extremely effective at grabbing people’s attention by utilizing unique designs and great color pallets.

Not only that, but even panels used in subway stations, bus shelters, and even taxi cabs can be converted to a digital format. The digital format allows for an easier upload of your advertisement and a more effective way of grabbing people’s attention.

You Can Implement Interactive Qualities

The digital format, for some DOOH media, can allow for interactive qualities. Take a digital kiosk that is often times found in hubs like city malls or sports arenas. These stations of information oftentimes have digital panels that a company can use to advertise and interact with potential customers. This could look like allowing a customer to order food from a kiosk and avoid the lines in the food court.

In certain situations, DOOH media allows for customer interaction which can be an effective way of reaching potential customers while they are wanting to make a purchase.

You Can Use Special Effects

New York City’s famous Time Square has achieved global recognition for its use of Spectaculars. These are digital billboards that not only utilize high-quality digital panels that but also use special effects to highlight brand awareness. DOOH media can even integrate the use of sound and create a more interactive experience that way as well.


While it’s true that traditional OOH media is still effective, there are a lot of pros to looking into DOOH. Everything from the convenience of using the digital platform to the greater amount of creative freedom you have to make enticing advertisements makes DOOH something that a lot of brands consider well worth their time and resources to sue.

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