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3 Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Washers


When purchasing commercial washers, there are several factors you need to consider. As such, your intended use of the coin operated washer is crucial in determining which washers are the best options for your business.  As the business owner, realize that your customers would want to do their laundry quickly and efficiently, so the capacity and speed of your equipment should be a primary concern for you. When you balance all the different factors you’ll be able to find the best coin operated washer for your facility. Other factors to consider when buying commercial washers include;

Overall Performance and energy efficiency

Getting the right commercial washers makes a lot of difference in a coin op laundry facility. While some come with fancy features, the machine’s overall performance includes maintenance costs. So be sure to keep them as low as possible. To keep your machines in good working condition you’ll need to care for and maintain your washers and dryers adequately. Realize that a good washer should be energy efficient, both in terms of water and power. This feature helps strengthen the trustworthiness of the machine. Also, an energy-efficient washer gives you the benefit of long-term use since it increases the durability and life of the equipment.

The Size of the Equipment

You also need to consider the size of the washer you intend to purchase. First, check the space in your laundromat, will the washer fit or will you need to move some things or get a bigger facility? If your available space can only house a small or medium-sized machine, then do not purchase a large-sized machine.  Additionally, you need to consider the capacity of your washer. Depending on your needs, some machines can hold; 12-16 pounds of clothes and measure 3.1-4.0 cubic feet, and others have a higher capacity at 4.6+ cubic feet. Regardless of the size you choose, look into the user-friendliness of the washer you choose. Note that some machines are complex and may require more skills to operate. If you are starting a laundromat business, such a machine would not be suitable as it would frustrate your customer.

The Available Options

There are numerous laundry equipment manufacturers in the market and today you have a wider alternative of products you can choose from. When buying your washers, be sure to explore these alternatives. This way, you can easily find equipment that fits your business needs rather than settle for the only option available. When checking the different alternative products, you also have the option of looking for equipment that fits your budget. You even get to buy equipment from the best brand as you check their functionality, customer support, equipment serviceability, and warranty. If a brand does not satisfy you, move to the next one so you find the best machines for your business.

When choosing a commercial washer, be sure to choose one that meets your business needs and preferences. Consider the size of the washer and the available space in your laundromat. Lastly, take some time and review the different available products on the market. This way you’ll find what works for your business needs and budget.

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