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4 Important Odor Control Tips for Small Construction Companies

To maintain health and safety requirements in your company, one good place to start is odor control. Even then, finding a lasting solution for the persistent odors can be a challenge. Below we’ll look at some efficient solutions you can adopt to fight bad smells in your construction company.

Mobile odor control systems

These are systems that use fully customizable chemicals and the dispersion method to control bad odors. What’s more, these systems don’t use water for dilution which helps save on water. If you’re looking to control bad odors in your construction site, you could consider using such mobile systems from BossTek. This system uses a unique nozzle technology with powerful ducted fans to disperse the company’s effective odor control chemicals to cover a wide area. Also, this system allows you to adjust chemical output once you’ve determined the run time intervals as well as duty cycles based on your application needs.

Odor Eliminator Granules

When it comes to odor control, especially during the summer season, there’s a need for a more efficient solution. This is because the heat during summers makes waste more putrid. One of these efficient solutions is the use of odor-control granules. Odor-control granules are clay-based products that are highly absorbent and will eliminate any bad odor. Additionally, you can pour your waste into the small pallets since they have spaces. Their odor neutralization capabilities allow you to deal with your immediate odor or leaking problem. This also means that you can only neutralize the odor but can’t kill the microorganisms. What’s more, odor control granules contain citronella to keep away any mosquitoes, insects, and flies.

Partnering with an Odor Control Company

Another effective method worth considering is working with an odor Control Company. Also, the company can help you create a customized odor control plan. First, the company personnel will have to visit your company as per the schedule to refill your odor management products and repair any damaged units. This kind of partnership ensures that you and your employee never lack the needed products and chemicals to keep your company clean and odor-free. Additionally, if you don’t have the equipment needed for odor control, these partnerships may include these services but first, be sure to confirm with the company.

Odor Eliminator Sprays

Suppose you want a more effective odor control solution, then odor eliminator sprays can come in handy. These are better than granules as they digest the waste, not just neutralizing the odor. However, eliminator sprays cost a bit more, and you’ll need to gauge your odor control needs and budget. These sprays contain bio-enzymatic solutions that keep the air fresh and break down waste using good bacteria. The waste is minimized until it can’t produce any lingering smells. These products are useful for dumpsters and garbage collection compactors that have hard-to-clean crevices. These sprays get into the cracks and crevices and ensure no spot is left unclean.

It’s good to identify your odor control needs to help you find the right and cost-effective solution. However, if you need a more efficient solution, consider using mobile control systems that don’t need water for dilution.

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