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What’s the Celebrity Connection Between J.Lo, Ben Affleck, and Maluma?


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Celebrities are everywhere. Even if you don’t follow them on social media, chances are you know their name. They’re in the tabloids, on billboards, and even in your favorite TV show or movie. And now, they’re all over our favorite playlists too. How would you feel if you found out that your favorite celebrity shared your favorite artist? That’s exactly what happened when we set out to find the connection between J.Lo, Ben Affleck, and Maluma.

We created a map of the connections between celebrities and artists to see who they shared on their playlists—and what we found is pretty surprising! Ever wonder how J.Lo got through her divorce with Affleck? Or why Selena Gomez follows Bruno Mars? Find out with this interactive map of celebrity connections that will make you go “wow!”.

The Celebrity Connection Map

Take a look at this map to see the connections we found!

What’s J.Lo’s connection to Maluma?

J.Lo is a fan of Maluma! In fact, she posted a photo of him on her Instagram with the caption “Super talented”.

Maluma has had a lot of success in his career and it seems that J.Lo is one of his biggest supporters! He responded to her post with a heart emoji.

This is just one connection we found between the two celebrities. To find more celebrity connections, click here.

What’s Ben Affleck’s connection to Maluma?

We all know that J.Lo and Ben Affleck share the same favorite artist: Maluma. This pop star from Colombia has been on both of their playlists. But how did they get connected?

Well, after the break up of his marriage with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck took some time out to travel and live life. During this period of self-reflection, he found music as a way to heal his broken heart.

“Music was a big part of my life when I was going through my divorce,” Affleck told Rolling Stone in 2018. “It was a great way for me to sort of have moments where I could just—not escape but have moments that were just mine.”

One thing that helped him find music during this difficult time was Spotify’s personalized playlist feature. He created a playlist titled ‘Hotline Bling’ which consisted of his favorite songs by artists like Drake, Marvin Gaye, and Selena Gomez . It turns out that one these artists was Colombian singer Maluma!

This doesn’t mean much until you realize that Selena Gomez also follows Maluma on Instagram! So who knows? Maybe she will appreciate his efforts in aiding her ex-boyfriend through tough times too…

What’s Selena Gomez’s connection to Bruno Mars?

Selena Gomez is a woman of many talents, from acting to singing. She’s been in the spotlight since she was a child and continues to be one of the most famous celebrities today. A lot of artists, including her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, have sung about Selena on their songs—but there’s one artist who always stands out: Bruno Mars.

It turns out that not only does Selena follow him on social media, but she also shares his music on her own profile! If you search for “Bruno Mars” on Selena’s Instagram or Twitter account, you’ll find posts with links to her favorite songs. While it’s unclear why she follows him so closely (maybe they knew each other before he became so popular), one thing is for sure—they both love music just as much as the next person!

This whole story started when we discovered that Ben Affleck was following J.Lo on Twitter. What else do they have in common? We found out that Ben Affleck also follows Colombian singer Maluma on Twitter. Let’s take a closer look at these three celebs and their connections!


This article will examine the connections between celebrities by answering the following questions:

What’s the Celebrity Connection Map?

What’s J.Lo’s connection to Maluma?

What’s Ben Affleck’s connection to Maluma?

What’s Selena Gomez’s connection to Bruno Mars?

What are some other examples of celebrity connections?

The Celebrity Connection Map is a tool that I’ve made to help you see what celebrities know each other and who they’re associated with. It’s a handy tool that you can use to explore the social and business connections of people you admire (or not).

What’s J.Lo’s connection to Maluma? When people think of Latin music they often think of J.Lo. She has been an icon in Latin music since she debuted on the music scene in 1999 with her self-titled album. Her most recent album, “A.K.A.” (2014), features collaborations with such popular artists as Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and Zedd. She also released a Spanish-language album called “Como Ama Una Mujer” in 2007 which was certified platinum in just one week in the United States and is considered one of

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