What Features Can You Expect In A Samsung Smart TV In The Coming Years?


    It’s too early to tell which is the best Samsung smart TV for 2021, but needless to say, the brand is the biggest global TV manufacturer today. This means that there are a lot of options on offer, each new year bringing in a host of fresh screens with the latest technology built in things you need in your bag when travelling.

    This year isn’t any different to previous years for Samsung. At CES 2021, several contenders for the “Samsung best TV” tag surfaced. Announcements included a line-up of brand new 8K televisions, as well as a Neo QLED upgrade that will reflect the mini LED features that Samsung TVs boast. With tremendous innovations in audio and visual quality, and TVs evolving into user-friendly seamless appliances, Samsung has brought intuition into TVs. facts about credit cards

    The brand hasn’t only limited itself to enhancing specs, but it has added imagination to the forms of its TVs, creating aesthetic entertainment machines embodying users’ lifestyles. For the past fourteen years, Samsung has been number one in the global television market.

    Famous Samsung Technology

    Setting new standards in performance and functionality, Samsung has upscaled its 8K AI technology, and thus equipped the brand’s TVs to offer truly mesmerizing viewing. The first ever modular TV display called “The Wall”, with micro LEDs was invented by Samsung. This makes it capable of extending display size to hundreds of inches.

    Combining design and lifestyle needs of consumers, Samsung smart TV solutions include “The Frame”, “The Serif” and “The Sero,” all setting new standards for how smart TVs work and interact with users uniquely. “The Frame” TV, with a frame that turns into artwork when the “art mode” is on, is one of Samsung’s key creative technologies.

    In its QLED 8K TVs, Samsung brought quantum dot and 8K resolution to a higher level with colour represented so richly, it gave viewers detailed viewing. Next level upgrades in QLED TVs came out in 2020 too, leveraging the strength of AI to give consumers great audio, video and smart functions.

    Smart features that are run by Tizen OS, letting users control actions by voice commands, giving users surround sound and packing all this into ultra-thin forms is what Samsung excels in. With all these features and specs rolled into large screens (up to 85 inches in the future), Samsung has understood what matters most — resolution blending with smart features.

    Samsung Technology Gets Better

    New Samsung TVs practically get rid of bezels in the display, so that a screen to body ratio of 99% is produced. If you watch this at a distance of approximately fifteen feet, you experience a striking “Infinity Screen” appearance, in which bezels have all but vanished. Without boundaries, the viewing experience, primarily in a 50 inch TV or more, is exquisite. This is the Q950 model, just 15 mm thin, with a completely flat back panel.

    Moreover, Samsung’s 8K resolution TVs are set to give you this degree of resolution even while watching content of a lower resolution by upscaling it. With improved AI technology, Samsung strives to use machine learning to analyse individual pixel characteristics.

    Also, in Samsung smart TVs, the brand is constantly and consistently working to make connectivity better, compressing content while leaving the content provider. The content is then restored when it reaches the TV. In this way, half the bandwidth that is required for consumers to stream content is reduced.

    Going Forward

    With so much innovation going on in the world of Samsung, you wonder where the brand is going. Samsung’s smart TVs already pack a punch with all their smart features and looks, and bezels, virtually absent, will soon be a thing of the past. The Samsung Frame TV, a hot seller, will get an update with a new tripod stand.

    TVs will be bigger to facilitate higher resolutions, like increasing screen sizes to 88-inch and 99-inch models. The Q80 QLED TV, the best TV for gaming in 2020, will get updates and new graphics that will make brightness and vivid colours really shine through. Peak luminescence on a Samsung smart TV is already at 2,000 nits, which is higher than on OLED TVs, and this will only increase. Screen sizes are likely to hit the 150-inch mark in future TVs.

    Afford the Best Samsung TV

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