7 Stats and Facts You Should Know About Aviation Accidents

7 Stats and Facts You Should Know About Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are infrequent but regrettable events in the aviation industry. Unlike commercial aviation, general aviation accidents often occur regardless of technology advancements and strict safety standards. As per the stats, up to 80% of aircraft accidents occur due to human mistakes. The majority (53%) of air accidents are a consequence of pilot mistakes, technical issues (21%), and climatic conditions (11%).

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Stats And Facts About Aviation Accidents

  • The estimated rate of air mishaps in 2018 was 0.19 globally. It amounts to around one serious disaster per 5.4 million trips.
  • The global serious collision rate hiked to 0.23 in 2020 from 0.17 per million flights in 2019.
  • The moments before and after the takeoff and landing are crucial. Approximately 80% of aviation mishaps occur due to individual mistakes.
  • Since 1972, Arizona has experienced 14 aerial mishaps. The state saw its latest aerial casualty in 2011 in Yuma. 
  • There were 1,347 civil aircraft accidents registered in the US in 2018. There were 30 casualties involving U.S. air carriers, one fatality, and 25 injured cases in 2018.
  • The year 2017 showed the deaths of 347 people in general aerial mishaps and 209 deadly aviation accidents in the United States.
  • Among 2018 aerial mishaps, 1275 were in a general category, whereas 27 were commercial flights. According to figures from 2021, landing mishaps represent 47% of all events, making these the most common pilot errors. Luckily, 99 percent of crashes are not catastrophic, but they impair aircraft, undermine confidence, and raise insurance costs for the plane. Whereas the number of takeoff accidents is lower by three times but more deadly and hazardous. The majority of takeoff mishaps include control loss. Several variables include temperature, mass and balancing, and aviator skills. 

Common Causes for Air Accidents

  • Around 50% of aviation accidents are caused by human mistakes, making it the most frequent factor.
  • Aircraft are enormous technical achievements with several intricate components and pieces. A harmful event could result from a flaw or failure in any of these.
  • Extreme weather conditions may also result in aviation accidents.


Air commuting is the safest means of travel and transportation; however, it is also subject to unfortunate events. Since the invention of air traveling, numerous notable aerial accidents and catastrophes have occurred, and with the extension and expansion of flight travel, tragedies and accidents have also increased. It’s important to remember that every accident opens the doors for new developments in the aviation industry, making it the safest mode of transportation.