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Top Reasons to Try Video Marketing and How to Do It Well

After such a challenging past 12 months due to the global pandemic, political upheavals, economic uncertainty, and more, it’s even more vital than ever for entrepreneurs to market their businesses. Digital marketing, in particular, is key for most ventures.

Something new to try if you haven’t already done so is video marketing. This essential tool can be used by organizations of all types and is a perfect option for small businesses with limited funds to test. If you’re not sure how to proceed with this avenue, check out some key reasons why you should try, plus some tips for doing your video marketing well.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Your Business

When used appropriately, video marketing can bring many benefits to your business. For instance, videos can help you get your brand name out there more and engage with current and potential clients. Showing some personable aspects of your team and corporate culture and demonstrating your products or services can help people become more interested in your venture and what it offers, too. It also helps to build trust in your business and its wares.

These days, video accounts for a high proportion of mobile web traffic. As such, it’s a great way to get attention and build up your online following, especially on your social media pages. Have you been considering hiring a digital marketing firm to help you boost leads and sales? If so, you could have them create and deliver videos to engage your audience on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Specialists such as V Digital Services have experience in this area and can help you maximize your video marketing results in this area.

Keep in mind, too, that many people prefer watching videos over reading text. This means you’ll often get through to consumers and have more impact in this format than via general written content. Viewers tend to spend more time on moving images than static ones. Plus, you can get across more of your message in less time on a video, which suits how time-poor so many people are.

Video marketing also has the benefit of boosting search engine rankings. Google and other search engines tend to place increasing importance on video in their ranking algorithms these days. As a result, adding video to your website and on linked pages can help you start ranking better for the words and phrases that are most important for your organization.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

When it comes to creating effective videos for your brand, it’s vital to put together quality productions. Use cameras, smartphones, or tablets that enable high-resolution pictures and clear sound. Alternatively, hire corporate video services as needed. Always plan your videos carefully before you begin producing them, too, so you’re more likely to create content that has an impact and gets across all the messages you want to convey.

Another tip is to keep all videos short. People’s attention spans are limited these days, so it’s best to stick with content around half a minute or less long. Before you upload videos to your website, social media sites, or elsewhere, take the time to edit them properly. Cut out anything that isn’t absolutely essential to the story and tone you’re trying to convey, so you can keep videos short and sweet.

Also, look for ways to design videos that create some kind of emotion in viewers. Videos that make people laugh, cry, say “aww,” or “ahhh” and the like tend to have more impact and become more shareable, too. Plus, be sure you’ve added a call to action, such as prompting people to visit your website or social media page, call a number for a great offer, or sign up for your newsletter. You need to include some contact details on each video, too, such as your business phone number or website or email address.

Before you hit the upload button to share videos, consider whether the content makes it clear what you sell and what your brand or business name is. You want anyone who comes across the productions to understand who produced the content and how to learn more. This is the case whether viewers are current customers, potential leads, or those who see it through a shared post.

Video marketing may seem like a big project to wrap your head around at the start, but the sooner you start learning about it, the better. This type of strategy is only going to continue to be helpful to businesses over the coming years.

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