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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Business Coaches

With the education that business coaching offers you can work to grow your business, increase your revenue and help you become a more savvy business owner.

But how do you find the right business coach for your business and your goals? There are a couple of key factors to take into consideration.

Check out these top five considerations to make before hiring business coaches.

1. What Stage is Your Business At?

Before you hire a business coach you need to identify what stage your business is at so that you can choose the right person. If you’re starting a small business you’ll want to find a business coach that has worked with a lot of beginners.

However, if your business is established and you’re looking to expand or grow, you need to seek out someone with the expertise to assist higher-level businesses.

What type of support does your business need and what type of person do you need to help scale it?

2. Comparing Coaching Fees: The Cost of a Business Coach

Business coaching does not come cheap. Fees tend to start at around $75 an hour and go up from there. The experience level of your coach, the stage that your business is at and its revenue will have an effect on the fee.

You need to figure out if the return on investment and the value you’ll receive are worth the expenditure on coaching. Spend some time comparing coaching fees and thinking about your cost-benefit analysis.

3. What is their Business Coaching Experience?

This ties into the first step of figuring out the stage and needs of your business. Once you’ve done that, you need to find out the type of experience that a business coach has and their success rates.

Turn to online references and reviews to get an insight into how other businesses have been impacted by the coaches that you’re considering.

You may have a need for a specialty business coach and it’s important that whoever you choose will have the experience to assist you.

4. Attributes to Look for in a Business Coach

There are some fundamental attributes that a good business coach should have. Coaching conversations are going to be the most valuable service that your coach offers, so a good rapport is vital.

They should also be accessible, meaning your schedules should overlap.

The business coach you choose should be honorable. You don’t want to work with someone who suggests questionable business tactics.

5. Spend Time Interviewing Business Coaches

It’s important that you find the right person for you and, most importantly, for your business. Don’t rush into hiring a business coach. Most coaches will agree to an interview and you should take them up on this opportunity. Prepare important questions, communicate your goals clearly and establish a rapport.

Is Hiring Business Coaches Right for You?

There are plenty of benefits to hiring business coaches but it’s important to take into consideration these five factors before you do. If you take some time to make a decision you’ll likely find the best-suited coach for your goals and your business.

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