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3 Areas of Business Opportunity in a Post-Pandemic Environment

As time has gone on, many have risen to the challenge of succeeding in spite of the obstacles COVID-19 presented. As many companies were forced to rethink their business models, others looked for new opportunities. Nothing was normal in 2020, presenting those with creative minds and problem-solving tendencies an open door for innovative products and services. New start-ups emerged during the pandemic, and you, too, can have similar business potential. Whether through delivery services for business thank you cards or meeting healthcare security needs, there are several business ideas that can flourish amidst COVID-19.

Home Improvement Opportunities

With so many people staying home, there is a lot of interest in making updates or repairs around the house. Over the last few months, consumer interest in home improvement has grown over 140%. Though you may not have the space to start your own lumber yard, you can still take part in the boom. Under the realm of home improvement falls many activities, such as plumbing, gardening, raising livestock and general home maintenance. If you have an interest in these areas and the skills needed to make things happen, you could open your own handyman service. By spearheading your own fix-it service, you can set your own hours and rates.

If this is something that suits your abilities, you do need to carry appropriate licensing or insurance. This is a way to protect yourself and your clients from the liabilities of your work. You may also find that you can conduct consultations virtually or do material pickup and delivery services for people looking to get a project completed. There are a number of services you can provide, provided you are willing to get your hands dirty or put yourself out there. You can hire yourself out to till a garden or to build a fence. Even though many consumers are trying to do it on their own, your services could be an invaluable tool to get them started.

Digital Opportunities

With so many people still working remotely or worried about social distancing, there is no better time than the present to get involved in the digital landscape. From designing business thank you cards or becoming a social media manager, there are plenty of remote business startup ideas for a post-COVID world. Many of the possibilities depend on your experience and education, as well as how tech-savvy you are. You may also need some special equipment or software if you plan to offer a service like graphic design or an e-commerce retailer.

With a degree in a specific field, you can open your own tutoring company. There are plenty of students, from elementary school through college, who are having to learn remotely. Through video chat, email and instant messaging, you can provide instruction in your area of expertise. You can easily market yourself through established e-learning platforms or create your own website. Rates for tutoring are comparable to consulting fees, which is another digital business you could establish during a pandemic.

For completely remote work, you could become an SEO consultant or a social media consultant. With the right skills and experience, you can establish a business as a blogger or virtual assistant. With strong computer or programming skills, you could become an independent contractor who develops websites, gaming apps or monitors IT security threats. These jobs do require more formal training and education, but many of these degrees can also be taken completely online.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to these areas, niche opportunities are many if you pursue the lifestyle changes that many have made due to COVID-19. For the fitness enthusiast, you can become a virtual health coach or trainer. Many people have resorted to home workouts, and with video conferencing equipment, you can be the partner or motivation they need to make progress in their health goals.

The pandemic has also seen more people adopt shelter pets or grow their fur family. Dog training, pet sitters, product reviewers and even pet companions are also job possibilities that come from the increased attention pets have gotten. You can start a delivery service for pet products or provide mobile grooming services. With a love of animals and the right skills, this is another area ripe with new business possibilities.

The changes that COVID brought to the average lifestyle have created unique areas of business opportunity. To make sure your business leaves a lasting impression, order customized business thank you cards from Cards for Causes.

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