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The Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for a Fresh and Clean Home

Like upholstery and carpets, another part of your home décor that adds color, vibrancy, and a certain appeal is your curtains. They make the home lived in, shield excessive sunlight and of course, afford you some privacy from the peering world outside. But like most things at home, they also accumulate pollutants, dust, and greasy elements from the surrounding air and give rise to health issues. Regular cleaning of curtains not only keeps them dust free and safe but also helps maintain their shine and appeal. Curtains may be cleaned by curtain cleaning Sydney experts for a professional cleanup but there are several handy tips and tricks that help maintain them at home.

Easy and simple tips to making your curtains look bright and beautiful

While we often clean our upholstery and carpets with care, we often overlook them when it comes to our curtains and even mattresses. Yet these two give us a lot of service and comfort and they get exposed to dirt, wear and tear.  How often do we actually indulge in hiring mattress-cleaning Sydney specialists to give our mattresses an overhaul? They get dirty and stained with our constant use and need maintenance. Curtains too need some thought when we consider their upkeep.

Curtains come actually under upholstery as we often buy fabrics for both from the same store. They are made of natural, synthetic, or blended fabrics. Curtains come in different types and different cleaning methods may be used. Curtains are-

Pleated curtains:  Here the cloth is folded in a certain way and sewn to a stiff cloth. The curtains are hung from a rod using hooks and strings. You can vacuum using a suitable attachment. Notice any stains. Using lukewarm water and detergent gently clean them. If the label allows machine washing, you can clean them. You can also go for deep steam cleaning by engaging Curtain Cleaning Sydney experts which takes a few hours and is done on spot. Avoid hanging damp curtains as they attract mold growth.

Grommet or Eyelet curtains: These are fairly common where the fabric has metal rings sewn on making holes in it where the curtain rod passes. The disadvantage here is that metal loops can rust, become dull, and get spoiled inside the machine. So the best option is getting them dry cleaned or done by professionals who use solutions that do not damage metal and yet remove the dust layer. But for those intending to wash at home, vacuum first and place them in a laundry bag, and put them in a washing machine. Use a low-temperature setting and then dry after washing.

Pocket curtains: Here the top of the curtain has a long pocket through which the rod is passed. To wash them read the label instructions and depending on the instructions you may machine wash or get them professionally steam cleaned. Rod pocket curtains may be tricky to hang, so taking the help of experts makes it less stressful for you.

Tab Top curtains: In this type, curtain loops are made from the same fabric as the upholstery through which the rod is slipped. This too may be machine washed if the label allows. Or again you might have it steam cleaned professionally by curtain cleaning Sydney specialists.

Try avoiding these common mistakes

Ø While tending to your curtain cleaning, here below are a few pointers to help protect your cleaning process.

Ø Always check the label as your cleaning will depend on the type of curtain fabric. Avoid the guesswork and prevent damage.

Ø Each fabric has its own unique washing instructions. Do not generalize.

Ø Avoid using strong chemicals or bleaching agents to preserve delicate fabrics. Use only after research and once you have taken feedback from experts.

Ø Vacuum and dust your curtains weekly. You may wash in intervals of a few months. Do a professional cleaning once a year.

Ø Dry clean your curtains if they are heavy with professional dry cleaners. Dry clean interlined curtains or those made from silk, velvet, brocade, wool, or lace.

Ø Use the vacuum on a low setting so that you do not use too much force to suck out the dust. Too much air may rip the delicate fabric.

Ø Use a specialized detergent to clean, wash and make your curtains smell fragrant

Ø Leave them to dry on their own in natural light. But in winter do engage professionals as damp curtains can invite mold and mildew growth.

Curtains that have lost the sheen may be revived to look bright by soaking curtains in lemon juice, a natural whitener for half an hour. Follow by rinsing and squeezing the water out and let dry.

If you use a steam cleaner to clean your curtain ensure the fabric can withstand hot temperatures.

These are handy tips that can help you maintain your flowing beauties but if you are uneasy about cleaning them on your own, you can always seek professional help. Curtains have to be kept clean and bright not just for looking good but feeling good health-wise as dirty curtains cause health risks.

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