Reasons Why PVC Panels Emerge as a Reliable Choice for Commercial Kitchen Wall Covering


Commercial kitchens are a hub of activity, with heat and oil ruling the space day and night. The commercial kitchen reflects the creativity and superior olfactory understanding of the chefs that translate to the dishes served to the customers. While there is so much behind those big cooking chambers, it is also essential to check the space’s quality and hygienic rating. Thus, the first step towards ensuring these cooking spaces’ health and sanitary condition is to invest in proper wall covering and other essentials that ensure safety and hygiene. A thorough search in the market can lead you to a variety of options for commercial kitchen wall panels. However, you need to narrow your search to find the ideal solution that ticks all the boxes of requirements. 

The wall paneling market, previously dominated by drywalls, FRP panels, stainless steel panels, etc., now has a new leader: PVC Panels. Made from high-quality virgin vinyl, PVC Panels offer moisture, impact, heat, and mold resistance and are popular for their unbeaten durability. Before we dig into the reasons why PVC Panels make for a reliable choice for commercial kitchen wall covering, let’s find out what are the requirements in a commercial kitchen space:

Factors to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen wall covering:

A commercial kitchen is utterly different from a normal home kitchen in construction and functionality. A commercial kitchen must be designed for large cooking volumes and remain exposed to extreme heat, moisture, and footfall. Here are the essentials that you must consider while choosing commercial kitchen walls:

  • Resistance to impact: A commercial kitchen witnesses a lot of hubbub and footfalls around the clock in its attempt to serve delicacies. Besides, there is a use of heavy utensils, sharp kitchen equipment, etc. All this contributes to creating unmanageable and unintended impacts in the space, leading to scratches, discoloration, fading, bumps, cracks, or pothole formation. Thus, the kitchen walls need panels that can resist these impacts and remain unaltered for years.


  • Resistance to moisture: Another struggle with kitchen interiors is the dampness that is fueled by the excessive moisture presence in the space. Most wall paneling solutions do little to prevent moisture absorption and subsequent damp formation. Besides, dampness does not trouble alone as it promotes mold and mildew on the wall surface. So, choosing a wall paneling solution that does not let moisture, mold, and microbes thrive on the surface is important.


  • Resistance to fire: It is not a hidden fact that kitchens will remain bare to fire and excessive heat and are vulnerable to unforeseen situations. Moreover, when it comes to commercial kitchens, there are times when stoves and appliances may remain unattended for a long period of time. This kind of heedless conduct is often normalized, opening the doors to unprecedented accidents. Safety and fire resistance become such important factors when choosing a wall paneling solution for commercial kitchens. 


  • Ease of cleaning: Commercial kitchens must handle large volumes of raw materials, including fish and meat. This eventually calls for regularly cleaning the surfaces to eliminate the risk of germs thriving. Commercial kitchens are subjected to never-ending hustle and bustle, so time-consuming cleaning exercises are out of the question. So, the need is to invest in a smooth, crevice-free, and moisture-resistant surface that requires effortless cleaning. So, when choosing restaurant kitchen walls, this is one aspect that you dare not miss out on.

PVC Panels: Ticking the boxes and emerging as the go-to option

While all other wall paneling solutions struggle to meet the requirements of a hustling commercial kitchen and may lead to compromising on one need or another, PVC Panels stand out. PVC Panels tick all the boxes of the requirements and are a long-lasting solution for commercial kitchen spaces. From durability to flexibility and ease of cleaning to exceptional resistivity, PVC Panels are preferred by most commercial kitchen owners for their outstanding performance. While we discuss PVC Panels, it becomes essential to reflect on the features that make these panels so functional and practical for commercial uses. Check them out:

Resistance that is arrestive: PVC Panels are made from virgin vinyl, which promises quality and sellable features for the panels. While resistance to many conditions is an unnegotiable aspect in commercial kitchens, PVC panels meet the requirement efficiently. PVC panels show exceptional resistance to moisture, can endure high impacts, and are grade-A fire-resistant. Besides, the smooth and non-porous surface of the PVC panels eliminates the scope of moisture accumulation and subsequent mold formation on the surface. So, by opting for PVC Panels in commercial kitchens, you can commit to a hygienic, damp-free, and fire-protected kitchen space. 

 Certifications that matter: Another essential feature in a commercial kitchen is to meet the guidelines and safety concerns of the concerned authorities to prevent any legal troubles. As a commercial kitchen owner, hygiene and safety are two prime concerns. Firstly, to ensure the quality of food served to the customers. And secondly, to meet the legal standards of the space. PVC panels meet the strict safety and quality benchmark set by the FDA and are also CFIA certified, making for a safe and hygienic option for commercial kitchen wall panels

Cleaning is a breeze: PVC Panel manufacturers integrate modern features like tongue and groove mechanisms to interlock the panels, which makes the installation seamless and cleaning an effortless process. The interlocking panels form a crevice-free surface that does not accumulate oil, germs, or dust, making them easy to clean and maintain. Neither do PVC Panels need excessive scrubbing nor is it time-consuming cleaning. A damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent are all necessary to maintain a spot-free and sanitary kitchen environment. 

To Conclude

If you are a commercial kitchen owner looking for a reliable option for commercial kitchen wall covering, you now know whom to trust. With the introduction of PVC wall paneling, the commercial construction industry has found its knight in shining armor. PVC Panels do it all, from moisture protection to fire safety and from offering longevity to hygiene. Besides, they are also easy to install as they directly fit the surfaces with studs and fasteners without needing a backer board. 

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