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The Rise of Made in America T-Shirts: Why They Matter and Where to Find Them


While many people may not care much about where their t-shirt was manufactured, as long as it meets their taste and sense of fashion, others are keen on the manufacturer. For such selective and somewhat subjective t-shirt enthusiasts, a t-shirt made within the borders of the United States is the real deal and worth every dime.

But have you ever wondered how American-made t-shirts became iconic and widely used in American fashion and culture? Although originally designed to be undergarments, the t-shirt has metamorphosed into one of the most ubiquitous items in apparel  stores. For american made t-shirt enthusiasts, understanding the rise of these powerful brands, why they matter, and where to find them is quite significant. This is what we want to handle in this article.

Where to Find American-made T-shirts

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Before diving into lots of history, which may not be your priority, you may need to know what you might be looking for now: where to find t-shirts made in the United States. There are many companies manufacturing and retailing made in american t-shirts, and most of them allow you to order from the comfort of your phone through eCommerce marketplaces. Some of these top brands can take your order and provide you with a custom-made American-made t-shirt that will serve you well.

As you plan your order, you can now get on with how the brand and the signature ‘Made in America’ that we all look for in every t-shirt came into existence.

The Rise Of  American-made Tshirts

For everyone in love with made-in-America t-shirts, understanding how they came to be attention-commanding apparel is significant. As you can tell, t-shirts are one of the most ultra-modernist wearables today. As young as it is, t-shirts have established themselves significantly in culture and modern design tastes.

The earliest traceable origin of the t-shirt goes back to the late 19th century. It was a brainchild of American workers and laborers who wanted to find an item of consistent clothing with varied weather patterns.  It started with laborers cutting their jumpsuits in half to keep aerated during slightly warmer months of the year–during the summer.

Major historical events such as wars and significant engagement in national assignments like the military contributed to popularising the idea of t-shirts. The need to provide and use t-shirts in bulk for such engagements as military use necessitated industrial manufacture.

For instance, the first manufactured t-shirt was designed during the Spanish-American War from 1898 to 1913. During the wars,  the U.S. Navy started issuing t-shirts as standard undershirts for the military. The name that we have loved, t-shirt or tee-shirt, was not used until around 1920 when it was included in the English dictionary.

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In the early 20th century, t-shirts were used sparingly as the main garment. Most people wear T-shirts as an undergarment. This fashion has yet to go away completely. Its traces are still in the fashion world, with people putting their shirts (especially long sleeve shirts with t-shirts and unbuttoning the uppermost buttons of their shirts. If you haven’t seen it, check around, especially with the baby boomers—the demographic cohort born from 1946 through 1964, coming after the silent generation but before generation x.  The veterans were often seen in their t-shirts, tucked in their trousers after World War II (1939-1945), while it was significantly used as an inner garment elsewhere.

The t-shirts, subsequently, became a fundamental and simple way to announce oneself to the world. The most immediate one before the idea of printing and designing could take another bold turn; t-shirts stood as a sign of rebellion. The concept of rebellion was grounded on the fact that what was originally or according to the practice of the times was being used freely as an outer garment without scruples.

With the influx of wider use of t-shirts independently, most companies found the deal with t-shirts a lucrative offer and investment idea. With lots of demand and a wider room for creativity and innovation, American companies started mushrooming up to reap various assignments in meeting the growing t-shirt demands in designing and printing. The companies that began these trades laid the foundation of the multi-billion made-in-America t-shirt brands that we all love today and use on various occasions.

Why Made In America T-shirts Matter

The most important thing about made-in-America t-shirts may not be the history we have just covered and the multi-billion industry it has risen into. Here are some of the reasons why made-in-America t-shirts matter:

1.     Supports Good Conditions and Fair Wages

There are different opinions about this, but the facts are clear that the American wage rate and working conditions are among the best globally. When you order an American-made t-shirt, you support fair wages for a fair day’s work. Most American t-shirt-producing companies are keen on ensuring safe working engagements. Companies like American Apparel, one of the greatest manufacturers of american made t-shirts, demonstrated the significance of decent wages in industries. This giant apparel producer and supplier, Dov Charney’s brainchild, rose to prominence because of paying almost double the prevailing wage rates (equally good based on global comparison).

2.     Promoting American Business

Businesses can only thrive and survive when they make positive profits. Positive profits result from good sales from stable market demand. When you buy t-shirts made in the U.S., you are showing a good gesture toward American businesses and contributing towards their longevity and stability.

3.     A Boost to American Economy

When you import something produced in a different country, you contribute to the growth of their economy by creating a market for their production. You do the same to America when you insist on buying t-shirts made in America, resulting in a huge boost to the U.S. economy.

4.     Simple Way to Show Patriotism

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For those who love America and its various ideologies, t-shirts can be a simple yet outstanding way of raising patriotic embers. American-made t-shirts come in various designs that identify with America. On the 15th of December, when all Americans celebrate the second amendment, t-shirts are the best way to demonstrate your support for gun freedom. What about coming in a T-shirt with the U.S Flag and a careful printing of 1776 on the 4th of July when every American thinks about the Declaration of Independence? You can only get these from made-in-America t-shirt stores.


T-shirts made in the United States of America have remained peculiar and a darling to many t-shirt enthusiasts. With their unique and top-tier quality, these t-shirts are a product of various historical landmarks and, today, remain significant to the American economy and identity. With their top-class quality, American-made t-shirts are a great choice for people who love coming out with a sleek yet classical look.

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Alex Hales Work for BTM
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