Confused Between Inverter and 5-Star Air Conditioners? You are at the Right Place

Confused Between Inverter and 5-Star Air Conditioners? You are at the Right Place

Air conditioners have become a necessity today due to the rising temperatures in most parts of India. So purchasing the best air conditioner as per your need has become equally essential. 

With a lot of technical jargon coming up in the industry and markets for air conditioners, it can be a little difficult for the layman to make a choice. For instance, should one buy a 5 star air conditioner, 3-star air conditioner, Inverter, or non-inverter air conditioner, the choice doesn’t seem to simplify at all. So, to help you make a choice, here we compare the two most common types. Keep reading to know more.

The Basic Difference between an Inverter and 5 Star Air Conditioner

Inverter AC is a kind of split Air conditioner, which uses flexible compressor modes. It simply means that the air conditioner can work at various speeds to make sure the room is chilled efficiently. In new-age technology, there are also options of Wi Fi Enabled Inverter Split Air Conditioners, these can be controlled from anywhere. This changeable speed saves electricity consumption as the AC is not constantly turned on at the same speed.

A 5-star Ac, on the other hand, is ranked by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India. This rating defines how efficient the AC is in saving electricity consumption, with 5 being the highest. All ACs have an energy efficiency rating given to them, and this simply means how much energy it uses up in one hour in comparison to the cooling provided. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Choice

There are a few things that you must keep in mind while making a choice in what AC to buy; these are:

  • The size of your room

It is very important to inform the seller about the space you wish to install your AC. The capacity, the tonnage, and type can be selected accordingly.

  • Star Rating

As discussed above, a 5-star rating is the highest in the energy efficiency ratio. So, this rating is very important if you are installing the AC at a place where it would run all day.

  • The Quality of Air

The nature of Air in the city or territory you live in is a vital variable to consider. Climate control systems these days likewise accompany worked in air channels, so in the event that you live in a profoundly dirtied or dust-inclined region, go for an air conditioner with this component. And you shall see a noticeable difference. 

  • Type of AC

Last but also the most important thing to consider, is whether to opt for a split or window AC. Although window ACs are affordable, they come in very few options and require an exact-sized window to fit in. Split ACs, on the other hand, can be installed in any room’s wall or otherwise and come with a lot of features.

FAQ: Are there any Additional Features to look out for?

Yes,there are various extraordinary highlights that are accessible in the market now, like auto-clean mode, rest clock, mode, etc. Apart from just features, also look for an air conditioner that comes with a copper coil. Although copper coil ACs are a tad bit more expensive than other ACs, these work very efficiently and are very durable, plus easy to maintain.

In Conclusion!

No matter what AC you choose, be sure to be aware of the requirements that need to be fulfilled. Finding the best AC won’t be a task, with so many options available in the market, now that you know the basic difference between the two most common types of ACs.

Make sure the seller is aware of all the cooling needs of your premises that you wish to fit the AC in.