NumLookup vs. numverify: What’s the Best Solution to Verify Phone Numbers

NumLookup vs. numverify: What’s the Best Solution to Verify Phone Numbers

Data security on the Internet has always been an issue that we should pay attention to. It is very important to keep the personal data of users and not to show them to anyone else. There are many ways to increase data security on the Internet, and one of them is phone number verification. Recently, we have been able to easily verify phone numbers of our users using numlookup services.

To verify the phone numbers of our users, we need phone number verification tools. With these tools, we can detect whether the phone numbers of our users are valid or not. Thus, we can verify phone numbers before showing sensitive data to users or taking actions such as payment steps. This also gives us a database full of clean and valid records. Although there are many phone number verification APIs today, the numverify API and numlookupapi stand out among these APIs. Today, we will introduce these two APIs and talk about their differences. But first, let’s talk about the importance of phone number verification.

Why Are Verifying Phone Numbers Important?

There are several important reasons for developers and businesses to verify phone numbers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Customer Verification and Communication: Businesses can communicate with real and reliable customers by verifying customer accounts. With verification, problems such as the creation of fake accounts and fraud are easily reduced. Communicating with customers accurately and reliably is critical to brand reputation.
  • Account Security: Businesses frequently use phone number verification to keep their customers’ accounts secure. This is a highly effective step in increasing account security by limiting unauthorized access to customers’ accounts.
  • Account Recovery and Support: When customers lose access to their accounts or forget their passwords, they can recover their accounts more quickly and securely with phone number verification. At the same time, using phone numbers to provide technical support to customers allows solving problems more effectively.
  • Marketing: Verified phone numbers allow businesses to send faster and more effective marketing campaigns to their targeted customers. Providing customers with personalized offers and information using the right communication channels can increase sales.

What Is the numverify API?

The numverify API is one of the most popular phone number verification APIs on the market. It is also listed under the APILayer marketplace.

The numverify API supports phone numbers for 232 countries. It is used by large companies such as Huawei and Home Advisor. It offers us an easy integration process. To support this, the documentation it provides has sample integration codes for more than one programming language. It provides both validation and lookup information in a single API call. There is also a unique technical support service to provide support for any problem.

The JSON response provided by the numverify API for a phone number is as follows:

    “valid”: true,
    “local_format”: “4158586273”,
    “intl_format”: “+14158586273”,
    “country_code”: “US”,
    “country_name”: “United States of America”,
    “location”: “Nova”,
    “carrier”: “AT&T Mobility LLC”,
    “line_type”: “mobile”

What Is the numlookupapi?

The numlookupapi is another popular phone number verification API in the market. It is basically a worldwide phone number lookup and verification API.

The numlookupi supports phone numbers of more than 230 countries. It provides us with an uninterrupted and automated phone number verification service. It is used by 15,000 businesses, especially global companies such as Coca-Cola, Fossil, and SAP. It also provides unlimited concurrency to its users with its paid plans. The numlookupapi provides us SDKs that we can use in popular programming languages such as Node.js and PHP, and in addition, it offers a ready-made Postman collection.

The JSON response provided by the numlookupapi for a phone number is as follows:

  “valid”: true,
  “number”: “436991641619261”,
  “local_format”: “06991641619261”,
  “international_format”: “+436991641619261”,
  “country_prefix”: “+43”,
  “country_code”: “AT”,
  “country_name”: “Austria”,
  “flag_svg_path”: “https:\/\/\/img\/country-flags\/AT.svg”,
  “location”: “”,
  “carrier”: “Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH”,
  “line_type”: “mobile”

What Are the Differences Between numverify and numlookupapi?

The numverify API and numlookupapi are basically two phone number verification APIs that provide services close to each other. There are a few minor differences between these two APIs. These are as follows:

The main difference between the numverify and numlookupapi is the pricing policy. The numverify API offers its users 1,000 API calls for free, while numlookupapi offers only 100 API calls in its free plan.

Another difference is the SDK service that numlookupapi provides to developers. While numlookupapi offers SDKs for multiple programming languages, the numverify API does not provide any SDK services.

While the numverify API provides a callback service to its users with a separate endpoint, numlookupapi does not provide a callback service.


In short, it is very important for us to take steps to eliminate data vulnerabilities these days when data security is increasing. At the beginning of these steps is a phone number verification process. In this way, we verify the phone numbers of our users and provide sensitive data only to the relevant users. By taking a look at the differences between the numverify API and numlookupapi that help us provide these services, you can choose the most suitable one for your business.


Q: Is numlookupapi a Free Reverse Phone Number API?

A: Yes, it is. It provides 100 free API calls per month.

Q: What Fields Does the Numverify API Provide for a Phone Number?

A: The numverify API provides the following fields for the phone number:

  • Valid
  • Local Format
  • Intl. Format
  • Country
  • Location
  • Carrier
  • Line Type

Q: How Many Countries Does the numverify API Support?

A: The numverify API supports 232 country phone numbers. 

Q: Does the numlookupapi Provide SDKs for Different Programming Languages?

A: Yes, it does. It provides SDKs for PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js.