How to appear in Google results?

How to appear in Google results?

Succeeding in appearing on the first search results of Google is something that all professionals and companies want. After all, who wouldn’t like to be visible to millions of people every day and attract qualified traffic to their site or online store? SEO, that is to say all the techniques and strategies to improve the positioning of your website on search engines, is the ideal solution to achieve this.

There are two main types of SEO on the internet: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural referencing, and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). To fully understand how to improve your ranking on Google results, we will present these two methods and explain what you need to do to make your site visible on the SERP.

Natural referencing (SEO)


  • Natural referencing (SEO)
    • Optimize the Site to be on the first page
    • Do Keyword Research for Better Content
  • Paid Referencing (SEA)
    • Google Ads
    • Google My Business
  • Find a Specialized Agency
    • And SEO:
    • The SEA:

SEO, also called “Search Engine Optimization”, refers to a series of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a site on search engines. If you want to make your site visible on specific queries that a user is looking for and rank on the first page of the results, it is imperative to use this technique.

The basis of SEO lies in a comprehensive site optimization strategy. It is necessary to optimize the source codes, to structure the contents correctly, to set up relevant internal links and to study the keywords to be privileged. You can find many SEO for Pest Control Companies techniques to obtain interesting results and to have better visibility, but they require time and a good knowledge of search engine algorithms, in particular that of Google. The first results may take some time to appear.

Optimize the Site to be on the first page

The optimization of the site on the internet begins first with a complete audit. This is a key strategy to improve the visibility of your business. We must identify the weak points of the structure and programming and adapt the site to current standards in order to appear better on the search engine. Most websites (local or not) can improve significantly by going through a simple in-depth audit of their visibility. These corrections will increase the speed of the site and improve its indexing by search engines and have more potential customers. Tools like Page Speed ​​Insights from Google are great resources for measuring site speed. This will give you explanations on how to improve the speed of your pages on the internet.

Once the site is optimized, it is then necessary to take care of the contents and the writing in general. The texts must be structured and easily understandable. To improve the SEO, one can insert important queries organically in the texts and create internal links between certain pages. This provides additional information to Google and gives certain keywords more weight.


Do Keyword Research for Better Content

To properly reference a site, it is essential to carry out a study of the keywords. Indeed, it is essentially thanks to this analysis that the site will be brought up in the results (Serpo) for the desired queries. Use tools like Google Trends or Keyword Planner to choose the best keywords corresponding to your activity to integrate into the site and the ranking of the page will then be boosted.

Keywords should be well defined. This is a key step for the success of your digital marketing. Try to find long tail keywords that are less competitive than single words. For example, instead of targeting the word “restaurants”, opt for “gourmet restaurants in Paris” or “Italian restaurants in Brussels”. You will then obtain more precise results and you will be more likely to generate qualified traffic on your site!

Paid Referencing (SEA)

SEA, which stands for “Search Engine Advertising”, corresponds to online advertising and more specifically to search engine advertising. It offers very effective solutions to quickly increase its online presence. When you do a search on Google, you often see sponsored results in the first positions of the result page. These are paid advertisements, whose text and title have been carefully chosen to attract users’ attention.

Google Ads

Google Ads ads are the best known and are displayed on the majority of Google Group partner websites and mobile apps. They are also visible on YouTube networks. This system is very interesting because it makes it possible to precisely target Internet users and adapt the advertisements to each situation to have a better result.

The main advantage of Google Ads is that it can generate traffic immediately whether local or not. Once the ad is created, it is routed directly to the search results without waiting for the site to be well-referenced. Thus, you can monetize your audience very quickly and achieve very satisfactory results if you master the process well.

Google My Business

If you are a physical business, you can also optimize your visibility on Google by setting up a Google My Business account. This free service allows you to create a file with your company’s information (address, contacts, services offered, photos, etc.). Once you’ve validated the listing, it will appear in results for local queries about your business. This method is very effective for being visible close to home and attracting potential customers.


Find a Specialized Agency

Setting up the optimal referencing of a site takes time and requires practice and advanced knowledge. Nowadays, there are specialized agencies capable of carrying out quality work for you. If you don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to learn, just contact an SEO or SEA agency to get the results you expect.

SEO agencies take care of all the tasks related to natural referencing.

If you want to appear in the first search results of Google, it is essential to optimize your site for natural referencing (SEO) and possibly to use online advertising (SEA). Here are some tips to achieve this.

And SEO:

  • Optimize your company’s siteby performing a comprehensive SEO audit to identify weak points in structure and programming, and adapting it to current standards. Check all pages for any problems.
  • Study the keywordsto favor by using tools like Google Trends or Keyword Planner to choose the best terms to integrate into the site and into your article writing.
  • Insert important queriesorganically in the texts and create internal links between certain pages to provide Google with additional information and give more weight to certain keywords to improve your marketing strategy.

The SEA:

  • Use Google Ads to generate traffic immediately by precisely targeting your customers and adapting ads to each situation.
  • Carefully choose ad text and title to grab users’ attention.
  • Keep in mind that SEA is a temporary solution and working on SEO is essential to achieve long-term results.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of the content of your site. Relevant and quality articles are essential to attract Internet users and encourage them to return to your site. Writing is an important point that should not be overlooked.

Do not hesitate to use social networks to promote your content and attract more Internet users. Also use Google Maps to position yourself locally and facilitate access to your business for Internet users. Finally, a good Marketing for Electricians strategy is essential to maximize the chances of your online business succeeding.