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How to Combine Two Columns in Excel and a Look at WPS Office Features: Mastering Data Manipulation



Microsoft Excel is an effective application for managing and analyzing data, providing a variety of features for working with datasets. The option to combine two columns into one is one such feature that makes data management easier and improves operations. WPS Office, a different productivity suite, moreover offers comparable capabilities in addition to its distinctive characteristics. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to combine two columns in excel and examine some of WPS Office’s unique features.

  • Excel: Combining Two Columns:

Assume for the sake of argument that data is organized into two columns, with first names in column A and last names in column B. These columns should be combined into a single column that contains the full names.

CONCATENATE Function Usage

  • Choose the cell (such as cell C2) where you wish the merged data to appear.
  • Type =CONCATENATE(A2, “,”, B2) into the formula box.
  • The merged name will show in cell C2 once you press “Enter.”
  • To apply the formula to more cells in column C, drag the fill handle downward.
  • Employing the operator ampersand (&):
  • As an alternative, you can accomplish the same thing by using the ampersand (&) operator.
  • Put the following equation in cell C2: =A2 & ” ” & B2.
  • Once you hit “Enter,” the merged name will show up.
  • To combine the names in other rows, fill out the formula down to the last digit.

When using Excel 2013 and later versions, Flash Fill

  • Manually enter the desired combined name in cell C2 (for example, John Doe).
  • Start typing the following combined name (for example, Jane Smith) in the following cell (C3).
  • Google excel will recognize the pattern and advise utilizing Flash Fill to finish the operation.
  • Once you hit “Enter,” Excel will automatically combine the other names.

2. Examining the Features of the WPS Office:


WPS Office is a full-featured productivity suite that offers a wide range of tools, such as Writer (word processing), Spreadsheets (comparable to Excel), and Presentation (comparable to PowerPoint). WPS Office includes certain special features that cater to various user preferences even though it shares many functions with Excel. Also read: 

WPS Spreadsheets – Recognizable User Interface

How to add borders in excel. The user-friendly interface of WPS Spreadsheets closely resembles that of Excel, making it simple for Excel users to switch over without difficulty.

Interface with Tabs

The tabbed design of WPS Spreadsheets, which enables users to access and work on numerous spreadsheets within the same window, is one of the program’s distinguishing features. This feature boosts productivity.

Excel to PDF Conversion

Users of WPS Spreadsheets can simply import and edit tables from PDF files without the need for extra software thanks to the program’s integrated PDF to Excel converter.

Integrating the cloud

Users of WPS Office can save and access their documents from a variety of cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Improved Data Analysis

Similar to Excel’s PivotTable, WPS Spreadsheets’ DataPilot feature enables users to interactively summarize, analyze, and present data.

Free and platform-neutral

WPS Office is accessible on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and offers a free edition for personal use.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Can columns of different data kinds, such as text and numbers, be combined?

You may indeed mix columns with various data types. Using the CONCATENATE function or ampersand operator in Excel will automatically convert numbers to text.

How do I join columns without using a separator?

Simply delete the space or any other separator from the calculation to merge columns without using any additional separators.

Will combining the columns have an impact on the original data within them?

No, combining the columns won’t change the original data that was in them. The combined data will show up in a different column or cell.

Can I reverse the combined outcome if necessary?

The combined result can be reversed by simply deleting the cell that contains the merged data. The individual columns’ original data will be kept in tact.


In conclusion, Excel and WPS Office both provide a variety of powerful tools for manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data. Excel’s ability to combine two columns in a variety of ways can help you speed up data handling and reduce processing time.

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