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The Future of Connectivity: Exploring the Benefits of Fiber Internet

After facing a lot of challenges from cable internet connection, the future of the internet has come true. Fiber optic internet basically uses plastic and glass fiber to extend connectivity. It has improved the speed of data transfer to twenty times faster than the old days of cable connection. Speed can reach up to 5,000 Mbps because it uses light for data transfer. Another reason to choose fiber internet is its security. It is even more secure than Wifi connection. Let’s explore together the quality of Fiber internet through this post and know why it is the future of the internet.

Everything About Fiber Internet.

The name of fiber internet already reveals that it uses fiber optic where the data transfer at the speed of light. Instead there are many advantages of using fiber internet as follows:

Data Transfer:

Old method of internet network uses electricity for transmission of data over wired connections like copper. In fiber internet, optic fibers are used which use infrared light as a carrier. Comparing it with other internet connection facilities will make you realize how fast fiber internet is. Old cable technologies like broadband which uses coaxial cable can offer speed upto 940 Mbps downloading speed and 50 Mbps uploading speed. But, speed has reached upto 5 Gbps using these optic fibers.

Choice for High bandwidth:

The internet speed basically decreases due to increase in the number of users on the same network. But, these problems are resolved to more extent because of fiber internet technology. It can be the best choice for businesses or households. Multiple users can play online games and stream videos under the same network without facing any lag issues. Fiber internet offers almost zero buffering over the network.

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Installation of Fiber internet

Setting of Wireless network still remains the easiest setup. As fiber internet setup needs the help of professionals. Nodoubt, fiber internet still uses fiber optic cable but you need to book an installation appointment to make it available for your home. The technician has to install an optical network terminal (ONT) at any area of your home. At the end they will provide you the fiber cable to connect to your device through ethernet.

Drawback of Fiber Internet:

The major drawback is the availability. It is available only in limited areas. The users have to check the availability by selecting any brand of fiber internet and entering their ZIP code. Nowadays, the internet provider also offer the facilities to check nearby fiber internet services by turning on your location. Another drawback is the cost. Fiber internet offers the highest speed among other types of home network. So, it can be a little expensive in comparison to other network providers offering the same type of facilities.


Fiber connectivity is almost impossible to hack. It is because of its limited setup and fiber optic cable. The brand provides you with credentials to check the working status of your network using customized login credentials. It helps to know better the major bugs and errors in your connection and fix it as soon as possible. The data transfers are encrypted with new security features which makes it even more secure than satellite communication.

Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. Is fiber optic better than Wifi ?
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Fiber internet uses an Ethernet to connect to your device. So, it is usually faster than Wifi connection. Currently, it is the fastest and safest among all connections available in the market.

  1. How long does optic fiber last ?

It can last more than 25 years if there is no external damage reported. Fiber cables are layered with UV protected cables to avoid the interference of light to its connection. It is also sensitive to moisture and water which make it a reliable and durable connection medium for the internet.

  1. How many Mbps is fiber ?

The speed of fiber can be extended up to 100 Gbps with its effective cost. But, before choosing it is also necessary to check if your device is capable of processing that speed or not. Old generation devices have limitations in establishing connections. It ends up with capturing limited speed even after connecting with a super nova speed source.

  1. Is fiber wired or wireless?

Fiber internet uses a physical cable which is made up of glass optic fibers. It helps in delivering data from your ISP to you at maximum speed. The speed of fiber internet is only because of its physical connection inside which light travels.

  1. Is Wifi a fiber connection?

No, Wifi is a wireless connection while fiber uses a physical optic fiber wire. Wifi or Wireless network are established through signal towers for establishing connectivity. But, fiber only uses the physical mode of connection through optic cables.

Final Words:

The improvement of research in technologies has opened diverse scientific applications. Nobody from the past might have thought that light would be used as a carrier for transferring data. Finally, there is replacement of copper wires which are even faster and more reliable. Fiber internet is going to be the future of connectivity in the future. Upgradation of technologies would also bring more advanced surprises in upcoming days. The one who has seen the evolution of the internet from dial up connection to fiber connection would know how fast the world is changing. Upcoming technologies would take the world to the next level.

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