Best Practices for New Fiverr Sellers: How to Make $1000+ in Your First Month


    Set Up Your Profile

    You must set up a Fiverr profile if you are doing “new seller” work. A profile must include contact information, as well as a good description of what you’re good at, your previous experience, your pricing strategy, and an image of yourself (or a concept for a logo) which appears at the top of your profile.

    In addition, you must set a minimum bid price for your work. It should be above $25, because Fiverr doesn’t charge you until you reach the minimum amount for a transaction. You should also create a nickname for yourself, similar to your “real name” and an alias (an initial or last name) that is memorable, that you can include in social media and your resume. You should use up to three, and try to be unique.

    Start with a Low Price

    The biggest mistake I see in new Fiverr sellers is buying the lowest priced idea.

    This might sound counter-intuitive. After all, how can you sell something for less than it’s worth?

    Because selling something for less than you’re worth creates a scarcity effect that sparks a bidding war.

    This is why the first concept I teach my sellers is to price at $0.10.

    Of course, I don’t think $0.10 is enough to build a million dollar business. I’d be lying if I said that.

    What I want my sellers to focus on is putting together a compelling listing that shows that they’re better than the competition at the price they’re selling their product at.

    Many startups are stuck selling their products for less than they’re worth.

    Offer High Quality Gigs

    You can’t possibly compete with people who have been working on their crafts for years and will likely make $10,000 in a month or a year. However, you can compete with anyone who is selling quality stuff at a low price. So the best way to make a living selling stuff on Fiverr is by offering high quality products that will sell at a competitive price.

    It’s very important to offer custom products with the highest quality and make sure you get to an agreement with your clients before doing any work. The entire goal is to make you unique in the Fiverr market and convince your potential customers that you are the best seller in your niche.

    Remember, your new customers won’t know your name, but they will have to do a little bit of research to find out the best seller.

    Be Professional at All Times

    Don’t use grammatical or spelling errors or bizarre slang, even if you are trying to sound hip.

    Always follow the terms of service for your language, as well as your business, in your description and header.

    In your profile, put in all the information you want people to know about you, including things you’re passionate about, and links to your other work.

    Put in your location. It’s not essential to do this if you’re a designer, but it’s required for many sales positions.

    Get Specific About Your Skills

    Treat your skills as if they are your phone number. Go into great detail about them, and make sure they are consistent.

    Communicate Effectively and Promptly

    You’re probably not the first new seller to use Fiverr’s platform, and chances are that you won’t be the last. As a new seller, it’s in your best interest to get on the platform early, and get all the features you need. Start with some basic tasks to see how quickly you can make some money, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    If you aren’t very experienced with the Fiverr platform, don’t expect your sales to skyrocket at the beginning. First, ensure that you have established a good reputation with other sellers and users.

    In other words, don’t go crazy – don’t sell anything you wouldn’t use yourself. Some people don’t like spam. Use the email verification system, but don’t send too many messages.

    Create a Marketing Plan

    The best way to promote your product is to create a marketing plan. Before you decide to become a seller, it’s important to know what the value of a new Fiverr seller is: You might ask yourself, “Should I start my own Fiverr?”

    The answer depends on a number of factors, but I believe the answer is an easy yes.

    Assuming that your product or service is unique and highly relevant to Fiverr’s audience, it’s worth it. Remember, Fiverr is about providing talent at a fraction of the cost. Of course, you will also have to make your product and services more appealing by making them more exciting.

    You will need to review the sales strategy of the top performers in order to draw from their knowledge, connections, and marketing initiatives.

    Follow the Rules and Regulations

    Scammers get away with fiverr fraud because they have become a little too successful. Be careful about your word choices on fiverr. Don’t mention your job title too much because that makes you look like a professional. I once told a scammer I was a Freelancer and they responded back saying that they were hiring consultants for $500 but the work I saw online only included $2000.

    They are using the title and quote without the job description. You can’t blame them, the first time they tried, they got laughed at and shut down. I created a second job for them which only required $500 for a few hours worth of work. They used this second job to show their qualifications to their bosses and probably made a lot of good connections.

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