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5 Things You Should Know About a No Code Mobile App Builder

The pandemic largely made converts of the remaining small business owners who didn’t have websites for their businesses. Websites offer too much utility value for businesses to take a pass on them. The question these days is often about whether your business needs an app.

Assuming you come down on the side of yes, you bump up against the challenge of mobile app development. You typically need more coding savvy for those than for a website. Or, do you?

You can outsource the project to mobile app developers or take advantage of a no code mobile app builder. If you’re thinking of going that route, keep reading for five things you should know about no code app builders.

1. No Programming Experience Required

The best mobile apps developers spend years honing their development chops. A no code mobile app requires exactly zero previous experience. You must still learn how the builder works, but it’s a lot less time than you’ll spend learning half a dozen programming languages.

2. Faster Builds

A no code app builder typically creates new apps off of existing templates. That cuts way down on the total development time you’ll face. You typically employ a drag-and-drop approach to add features and functions to your app, similar to some website builders you may have seen before.

You should know that the features and functions they offer can also limit your options.

3. Simpler Changes

No app remains static forever. If nothing else visual styles for websites and apps evolve over time. If you don’t spruce up the visuals occasionally, your app looks dated.

The drag-and-drop approach makes changing your app a much less stressful and simpler affair. Although, you should examine the editing process before you make a final commitment to any one no code app builder.

4. Cost Less

There is no reliable average number on mobile app development cost. It’s not that developers are cagey, so much that different apps bring different demands. Even conservative estimates for basic apps start in the $5000 to $10,000 range, with more complex apps often running $100,000 and up.

The pricing for no code app builders typically falls in the $100 to $300 range for small business use cases. At those prices, you can get a lot of development done before you even reach the cheap end of outsourced app development.

5. Simplifies Integration

No code app builders almost always make integration with third-party services, like payment processing, simple and straightforward. Many will even provide a comprehensive list of the third-party services with which they can integrate easily.

Is a No Code Mobile App Builder for You?

A no code mobile app builder offers a lot of potential benefits. It can cut down on build time, reduce costs, and simplify integration. It can also facilitate easier changes down the road.

All no code app builders will restrict your options in some way, although those limits will vary from app builder to app builder. If you only need a simple app with standard features and functions, though, an app builder likely is a good choice for you.

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