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What to Know About the Florida Building Code

On June 24th, just before dawn, the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo led to the death of 98 individuals. While the event itself was traumatic, the facts that came out afterward became even more upsetting. It turned out that the collapse should not have been a surprise, with multiple engineers warning of structural issues due to poor construction.

This one event exemplifies the importance of having building codes in place and actively enforcing them. The Florida building codes may seem like a tough process, but it is crucial that you understand and follow these building regulations.

What Is the Florida Building Code?

State building codes are government regulations that apply to building practices. They are a collection of regulations, laws, and ordinances that set a standard for physical structures. This is the minimum standard that builders must adhere to for the safety and health of the individuals occupying the structure.

Why Are Building Codes Important?

Building codes address all elements of the building process. Without them, there is no way to guarantee that all builders adhere to the best building practices. Without proper enforcement of them, tragedies happen, like the condo collapse in Miami.

How Are Building Codes Enforced?

Before someone begins a construction project, they must apply for permits. This puts the local government on notice that you intend to build a new structure or add on to an existing one.

The building plans must go through an approval process. Once approved, construction can commence. Then, routine inspections ensure that the contractor adheres to codes throughout the entire process.

It can also help to use a product approval service. This ensures that the products used are code compliant.

What Happens When You Don’t Meet the Code?

Once an inspector looks at a property, they will inform the contractor whether or not they passed. In some cases, the correct time is given, and then the inspector will come out and re-inspect the building. In other situations, the violation is so severe that it requires more extensive correction.

Contractors that choose not to go through the permitting and code approval process create major problems for the future. The building could be unsafe for use. It would need extensive repairs or be completely rebuilt.

The owner of the property may not be able to sell their property in the future. They would need to make the necessary changes and repairs to bring the building up to code before the sale.

Build Safer in Florida

When people try to circumvent the system and avoid the Florida building code, they put people at risk. The building could have faulty wiring and cause a fire. Or they could have poorly done plumbing and flood.

In the worst of situations, it can lead to the sudden and total collapse of the building. This can have devastating effects for the owners of the building and anyone occupying it.

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