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Is CCIE Certificate Useful for Students Majoring in Communication Engineering?


Thank you for the invitation. The standard answer to such questions depends on the specific situation. In order to give a more accurate answer, I first put forward several limiting conditions and assumptions. Do you mainly study programming? Do you have interest in programming? Are you good at programming? What is your ideal job? What salary do you expect?

I want to first talk about the limitations of CCIE certification just click. First, if you apply for  CCIE certification when you are at college, the CCIE certification training fee is about 2,500 US dollars, the registration fee about 1,666 US dollars, and other cost about 833 US dollars. Totally, you will spend about 5000 US dollars. Second, it takes up a lot of time to learn for CCIE certification, which may cause conflicts with the school curriculum and your teacher’s project. This is not cost-efficient.

People who want to pass the CCIE certification exam mainly have three major directions of job application: the first party, integrators and manufacturers. The first party generally requires the operation and maintenance personnel to have 2 years of working experience. The operation and maintenance personnel need to be responsible of the network environment, and check the configuration and log every day. Integrators have product channels of various manufacturers, and generally accept Party A’s projects and invite bids from manufacturers. If you enter the project department, your general work is to contact the manufacturers to communicate and solve equipment problems and other problems according to the feedback of customers. In the early stage, it is also necessary to show the manufacturers’ design scheme to Party A. Manufacturers have their own technical products. Generally, manufacturers submit bids to integrators first. The account manager sells equipment, technology and services and remains responsible for the first and second phase of the project, design scheme, implementation scheme and after-sales technical support. The above is the usual situation. The salary of working in Party A, integrators and manufacturers increases in turn. The development of manufacturers depends on their relationship with integrators. Cisco, for example, had sufficient business in the past few years, but the situation this year is no so good. After reading so much, you may understand that this is actually a small market. There are only a few manufacturers and integrators. It is estimated that Party A’s treatment for operation and maintenance personnel cannot meet your expectations.

The traditional network industry is basically saturated. Huawei’s market has expanded this year, but Cisco’s market share has decreased, as has juniper. CCIE certification program has a DC direction, which seems very attractive, but it is not recommended to take the exam. Ten years ago, the first batch of people who passed CCIE RS certification made money because it was difficult to obtain the certificate, the market was large and the competition was not fierce. At present, although the CCIE DC certificate is also hard to get and there are not many certificate holders, it is not recommended to take the exam. Because Cisco’s competitiveness is declining.

If you are engaged in programming or network programming, it is not necessary to apply for CCIE certification. In fact, the contents of CCNP certification and even CCNA certification can already help you understand the network architecture. Some people think that by learning the contents of CCIE certification, they will be professional. But that may not help you with your practice. https://cciedump.spoto.net

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