5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest in a Good Gaming Laptop


     It’s no question that PC gaming has made leaps and bounds in recent years. It seems now everyone knows some people like to invest thousands just to create their best gaming setups. But what if you’re a person who’s constantly on the move? Should you think about shifting towards a laptop instead? Will your standard machine do? Perhaps you’ll need one specifically for video games. In this blog, we’re going to look at why you should invest in a good gaming laptop and how it compares to a normal laptop. 

     1. Gives your more options

    First off, and perhaps the most obvious, having a good gaming laptop gives you so many more options. With a standard machine, the most advanced game you are able to play would be something like Minecraft – and even then it would struggle. This may be fine if you’re a very casual gamer, but if you’d like to take your gaming to the next level, you really should be investing in a more advanced laptop. 

    With technological advancements constantly being made the processing and graphical power of a gaming laptop has taken huge strides in recent years. In fact, they now compare to what most high-end desktops would’ve had only a few years ago. Most modern gaming laptops are able to support even the most demanding games like Far Cry or Cyberpunk 2077. Although it is worth noting that you may want to play these on slightly lower graphic settings to avoid straining your system too much. 

     2. Doesn’t wear out your existing laptop

    Video games nowadays can be very graphically demanding. Especially with the advances being made in gaming technology, the graphics are almost life-like. While this is great for those with the best pieces of kit, if you try these out on a standard laptop, not only will you not get the optimum performance but you will cause serious problems for your machine. It may overheat before you even get the chance to play. 

     3. Saves money

     Yes, gaming laptops come with a price – a decent one could clock in anywhere between one thousand and two thousand pounds! However, with the enhanced power of your new machine, you have the capability to do more. In addition to gaming, you are able to carry out tasks that you can do on a normal laptop. This saves you from having to fork out for two machines. Why not write up an essay on Microsoft Word AND play your favorite games all on one gaming laptop? 

     4. Better quality (for everything!)

     So we’ve established that you can carry out more tasks on a gaming laptop than a normal laptop. However, it’s not only games that benefit from a performance boost. While it’s gaming that’s at the core of the system, it’s not the only thing that it can do. If you’re looking for more advanced software for activities like video or photo editing, then the laptop will make these run more smoothly too. 

    Gaming laptops’ screens also have a higher ‘refresh’ rate (Hz) than your traditional machine which typically clocks in at around 60Hz. This is nothing compared to the 120Hz or 144Hz you can expect. This will not only enhance your gaming performance, benefitting your reaction time but you may also notice a difference in the video and animation quality of the content you watch. Some gaming laptops even offer high resolutions of up to 4K as well. So whether it’s getting to number one in Warzone or simply watching Netflix, you can guarantee a much better experience. The significantly better gaming laptop CPU will also benefit more professional tasks such as video editing.

    5. Game on the go

    Of course, the major benefit of using any laptop as opposed to a desktop computer is its portability. With a gaming laptop, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything that you can do on a standard PC while on the move – anywhere. Although you’ll need an internet connection to play online (obviously),so if you’re constantly away from home, or on the move, you’ll always have the ability to play. 

    What a gaming laptop will offer, instead of a standard one, is the higher-end hardware that we discussed earlier. This means you can play competitive and AAA gaming wherever you are.


    So there you have it. Five reasons why you should be looking to splash the cash on a gaming laptop. While the price of one may seem eye-watering initially if you look more towards the longer term you will see the benefits. Gaming laptops have come a long way in such a short amount of time, it’s exciting to see how they will be enhanced in the future. Could we begin to see them catch up with the ultimate gaming performance you’d get from a custom PC? Time will tell.

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