Do Braces And Clear Aligner Therapy Result In Changing Your Face Shape?

Do Braces And Clear Aligner Therapy Result In Changing Your Face Shape?

Many people know that orthodontic treatment straightens teeth and develops a correct bite, but many are unaware of the influence of orthodontic treatments on face shape. However, the degree of change in your facial form will be determined by the severity and kind of malocclusion. Before beginning orthodontic treatment, the dentist will design a treatment plan based on your facial profile and features, considering how your face will change as you age.

How Do Braces Affect The Shape Of The Face?

People rarely have symmetrical faces, but the differences aren’t usually obvious. However, facial asymmetry becomes more obvious when the lower and upper jaws develop at different rates or when there are abnormalities with jaw position, such as crossbite, overbite, or underbite.

Realigning the jaw, braces, and clear aligners may correct facial asymmetry. These orthodontic treatments do not lengthen your face or change the curve of your nose. It only appears to do so because it alters the angle between your nose and lips, and in some cases, the angle between your chin and lip, making your nose and other features appear slightly different.

How It Affects Kids And Teens

Braces may significantly change a kid’s facial shape. Braces strategically shift the teeth to enhance alignment, causing the lips and jaws to line up differently. This can help to straighten your smile and rectify facial abnormalities. Furthermore, traditional braces can help with overbite and underbite issues. The bite can be adjusted to make the face appear more visually acceptable overall. It should be stressed that these benefits take time; they often take several months or even years to completely show as the teeth gradually adjust to their new positions.

How It Affects Adults

Invisible braces can unquestionably improve an adult’s facial shape. Clear Aligners can improve the symmetry of your face and close gaps between teeth by correcting misaligned, overcrowded, and crooked teeth. Many adults think wearing braces makes their facial characteristics appear more symmetrical and balanced. Because your cheeks are supported by healthy, correctly aligned teeth and jaws, some people who previously had sunken cheeks report improved face volume with braces. Finally, having clear aligners as an adult may modify your facial structure to enhance your confidence and give you a younger-looking face in the future.


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