Some tips you need to know before buying a wig


    Seven recommendations would be the word from my experience of two years going in and out of wigs. To people who go to buy a wig for the first time and have all the doubts that one has when they are going to do something for the first time, I also had them at the time and they asked me many questions even when they bought wigs afterpay.

    Where to buy wigs?

    You will say, like where to buy is going to be the last thing if it should be the most important? In my point of view, no, because taking into account all the guidelines and all the details that I have already thought out for my wig, it doesn’t matter which store it is. There are many websites / stores where you can find wigs, but if you want to have a wide range of information and styles, although many people believe not, I recommend BeautyForever. For your info, BeautyForever provides various Buy Now Pay Later Wigs.

    Size, measurement or length of the wig

    The only important thing to know about size is to have an idea of ​​the measurements and terms that are usually used, because in this world of wigs we talk a lot in inches. Although lately I have seen that they are talking a lot in centimeters, which is very good because they were only pronounced in inches, so that it does not seem too cumbersome I leave you an easy explanation:

    8 inches = behind the ears

    10 inches = at the neck or nape

    12 inches = at the shoulders

    14 inches = Below the shoulders

    16 inches = armpits

    and so on adding about two or three fingers, until reaching 26 and 28 inches which are at the waist, the inches are always expressed in even numbers.

    Types of wig

    – Traditional wigs, without frontal lace, and unnatural

    – Wigs with bangs, these wigs are ideal to disguise the front if you are not good at putting them on

    – Wigs with bands, the most modern and the best to start

    – Mesh or frontal lace, famous for its naturalness, is the one that leaves a more natural appearance if you know how to cut the lace well, so it is also one of the most complicated to put on, although as soon as you learn it stops being.

    Types of hair in wigs

    These are the terms that people usually talk about in terms of hair types: Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian. 

    As you can see, they choose country names, and I think it is the easiest way for the seller to indicate the hair style, for example the BRAZILIAN is curly, the PERUVIAN is straight, the INDIAN is super straight, it only refers to the type of hair predominant in the country.

    Density of the wig

    It is something that is not usually talked about a lot and I think it is one of the most important things when buying a wig. What is density? The density is equal to: fall, looseness, movement of the hair, all you have to know is that, with more density, more naturalness and also a higher price, a wig of 130% density from now on is already a good wig.  The highest percentage that I have seen is 250%. 

    Wig safety

    And when I talk about the safety of the wig, I first talk about the placement and the number of clips or clips that it has inside, if it has only two clips I do not buy it, the wig must have at least three clips, one behind and two on the sides and if it brings a 4 clip much better.

    After reading my tips are you now ready to buy a wig? If you’re still unsure maybe you can try quadpay wigs!

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