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5 Civil Lawsuit Examples

Each year, the federal court alone sees over 286,000 civil cases. Whether you need compensation or received notice that somebody decided to sue you, you will want to learn more about civil lawsuits.

Civil lawsuits come about when a plaintiff asks the court to help them get money owed by the defendant without pressing criminal charges. This process may begin in several ways.

Read on to learn about five common civil lawsuit examples.

1. Torts

Sometimes one person causes another human harm or loss that may (or may not) make the guilty party a criminal. A criminal court may punish the person who caused this harm or loss, but that gives little more than justice served to the other person.

But, that does not mean that the hurt person does not deserve compensation for what happened to them. The court labels this type of case a tort when it comes into civil court for compensation.

Let’s look over the three types of torts. Note that they may cause bodily harm, mental distress, a financial hit, or the loss of a loved one.

Intentional Tort

In an intentional tort, the guilty party caused harm or loss during a purposeful act. This might include one person punching somebody else to hurt them intentionally. It may also occur when bullying leads to mental distress.

Negligent Tort

A negligent tort involves an accident that leads to harm or loss. In this case, the perpetrator failed to use reasonable care in the situation.

This can occur when somebody runs a red light and causes a car accident leading the harmed party to contact rightwayfunding.com for compensation. It may also happen during medical malpractice.

Strict Liability Tort

This type of tort occurs when somebody causes harm second-hand. In business, this could be when a person gets hurt due to a faulty product. Somebody may also file a tort claim If another person’s exotic pet bites them.

2. Property Disputes

This legal dispute comes to the district court when real estate gets damaged. It could come to court through a buyer, seller, neighbor, or legal heir.

One may file a property dispute if they buy a home with major undisclosed issues. Somebody might also take this to court if a neighbor plants a tree or builds onto their property line.

3. Contract Disputes

Your signature legally binds you to a contract. When people sign and then break the contract’s terms and conditions, the other party may take it to civil court. Sometimes mediation can solve this matter, but if not, it goes to court.

4. Class Action Cases

Class action cases mirror torts. However, they differ in that it involves a wronged group rather than a hurt individual. If you wish to find a class-action lawsuit, check out the class action database.

5. Complaints Against the City

Many people complain about wrongdoings by their government, but they never take action. The government holds the power to make the law, but that does not mean they can break it. Private individuals can take complaints against local, state, or federal government to civil court.

Use Civil Lawsuit Examples as Guidance

Let these civil lawsuit examples guide you. Whatever side you fall on in court, understanding your rights and the structure of these cases will help your case.

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