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Structured Settlement Calculator: Finding Structured Settlement Value

The sale of structured settlements reached almost $7 billion in 2020 alone.

Have you thought of buying or selling a structured settlement to create passive income?

If not, you should begin looking into the annuity marketplace as a great opportunity to bring in extra funds. But being new to the market means a structured settlement calculator may be necessary to understand the value of potential settlement cash out. We are here to tell you how this process ensures both buyers and sellers get the top rates.

Read on for our take on the settlement calculator and how to use this tool for your financial wellness.

Why Sell a Structured Settlement

A structured settlement is the result of a defendant paying for the wrong against the plaintiff of a civil lawsuit. Common types of lawsuits involving a settlement include medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and personal injury.

It is up to the person receiving the settlement to use them wisely. However, scheduled payments may not help with high medical bills, lost wages, and an expensive cost of living.

This is when selling a structured settlement comes in handy.

The sale of a structured settlement gives the injured party immediate access to cash. Selling also makes sense if you’ve inherited a settlement as the beneficiary on an annuity account.

How a Structured Settlement Calculator Works

Each structured settlement calculator evaluates different features of a settlement. But time and amount of payments are the most common info to input.

The calculator’s job is to check the long-term value of your structured settlement and give you a value to estimate a sale price. The value is estimated, but you should be prepared to see a lower value than expected to account for the buyer’s risk.

The average discount rate of 9 to 18% is an industry standard when it comes to structured settlement cash out.

Use the calculator as terms or details of your settlement change. Each update affects the long-term value and, so, your sale price. Working with a capital management fund like RightWay Funding could provide more understanding into the calculator valuation.

Factors That Affect Structured Settlement Calculator

The cash-out structured settlement varies when provided with the proper and most up-to-date information. The value of your annuity differs depending upon a few key characteristics at the time of using a calculator.

Main factors for calculating value include:

  • Insurance provider
  • Time of payments
  • Amount of payments
  • Frequency of payments

Some of the factors are obvious. The total amount of each payment will increase the price of the sale. Further, a structured settlement with a 10-year turnaround over 20 years may create a higher value.

Changing these details will provide a different value as the calculator presents you with the best option at your current standing.

Calculators to the Rescue

A structured settlement calculator should ease the process of selling your annuity. Make sure to input the most up-to-date information and let the calculator take over. The valuation is a good estimate of what you can receive for cashing out the settlement.

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