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What is the Life Expectancy of Heart Bypass Surgery?



Bypass Surgery is a commonly performed procedure to treat blockages in the heart’s blood vessels. If you or someone you know is considering this surgery, it’s natural to wonder about the life expectancy after undergoing such a significant procedure.

The good news is that heart bypass surgery can immensely improve a person’s life expectancy. In this article, we will delve into the quality of life after heart bypass surgery, explore the factors that can influence long-term outcomes, and know the bypass surgery cost in India.

What is a Heart Bypass?

Heart bypass, also known as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), is a surgical procedure for treating coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD occurs when plaque accumulation causes the blood arteries to constrict or become clogged. As a result, the amount of blood that reaches the heart muscle is limited, leading to angina (chest pain) or a heart attack.

A cardiologist (heart doctor) typically recommends this bypass surgery to individuals with the following problems: 

  1. When several arteries supplying blood to the heart are blocked, and cause severe pain.
  2. People with coronary artery diseases that impact the left ventricles responsible for the pumping of blood.
  3. Alternative therapies like medicines, lifestyle changes etc., did not work.
  4. There is a blockage in a treated blood vessel or the new one.

Heart Bypass Success Rates 

The success rate of heart bypass surgery in India is high (90-95%) when performed at the right time. However, one needs to be informed that several factors affect the success rate. A person should follow their doctor’s instructions and adopt a healthy lifestyle for the best results.

The Life Expectancy of Heart Bypass Surgery

The bypass surgery is a primarily successful procedure that makes the life expectancy of the patients as normal as the other individuals. Life expectancy is even better in most cases as the heart functions better. 

According to scientific evidence, the estimated life expectancy after heart bypass surgery is 18 years, and an individual’s overall health has improved. On the other hand, the 5-year survival rate after a heart bypass surgery is around 81.5%. 

However, one must remember that the survival rate and the overall health of the individual after the bypass surgery is influenced by several factors, including age, other medical conditions, type of bypass technique performed, lifestyle changes undertaken and many more.

Factors Affecting Life Expectancy

If you have undergone a heart bypass surgery, following your surgeon’s advice and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential. This paves the way for a quick recovery and boosts life expectancy. 

However, the factors that can influence the life expectancy include : 

  1. Before surgery, it is vital to consider the patient’s general health. Patients with diabetes, lung disease, kidney disease, or another ailment may be more susceptible to problems that affect their life expectancy. 
  2. The location, number and degree of blockages
  3. Older patients could have more health issues and less physical energy, impacting the outcome of the surgery.
  4. Adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle after heart bypass surgery is essential for long-term success and increased life expectancy. 

Ways to Improve the Life Expectancy after Bypass Surgery

A comprehensive approach to heart health and favourable lifestyle adjustments are required to extend life following bypass surgery. Following bypass surgery, the following strategies can help you recover more quickly and live a longer, healthier life:

  1. Follow the Medication Regimen: It is essential to take prescription medications as your doctor has advised. These medicines include blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering pharmaceuticals, and treatments that control blood pressure and heart function.
  2. Adopt a Heart-Healthy Diet: Heart health depends on a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Reduce processed foods, saturated fats, and sodium intake while emphasising fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.
  3. Engage in Regular Exercise: Exercise regularly is essential for cardiovascular health. Under physician supervision, begin with mild activities and progressively increase their intensity and length. 
  4. Quit Smoking: Smoking significantly worsens recovery from bypass surgery and raises the risk of heart disease. Use nicotine replacement medications, support groups, or professional assistance to stop smoking.
  5. Manage Stress: Find healthy coping mechanisms for stress, such as deep breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, indulging in hobbies, and reaching out for social support. Heart health is significantly impacted by stress management.
  6. Attend Cardiac Rehabilitation: Enrol in a cardiac rehabilitation programme that gives patients recovering from heart surgery supervised exercise, information, and support. These initiatives support greater physical fitness, risk factor management, and heart-healthy living advice.
  7. Maintain Regular Medical Check-ups: To track development, regulate medications, and treat any issues, follow-up visits with the medical staff are crucial. Keep up on heart health issues and take an active role in controlling your condition.

Heart Bypass Surgery Cost

India is a preferred location for medical tourism. Depending on the facility, the city, and the intricacy of the treatment, a heart bypass surgery cost can range from ₹ 1,40,000 to ₹ 3,50,000.

The price of heart bypass surgery can vary widely depending on many variables, including : 

  1. The type of healthcare facility
  2. The complexity of the surgery
  3. The patient’s general state of health
  4. Any additional treatments or services needed. 

It’s vital to remember that the costs listed above are approximations and subject to significant variations. The hospital fees, surgeon fees, anaesthetic expenses, pre-operative diagnostics, postoperative treatment, and hospital stay are often covered. However, they might not include extra costs for diagnostic tests, appointments, prescription drugs, and follow-up treatment. The patient’s unique situation and health insurance coverage may impact the final price.


For people with coronary artery disease, heart bypass surgery is a crucial medical procedure that can improve their quality of life. Although estimating a patient’s precise life expectancy after heart bypass surgery can be challenging, the procedure’s goals are to increase the heart’s blood flow, ease symptoms, and lower the possibility of complications. 

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