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What Is Print Advertisement and Does It Work?

It’s recommended that small businesses allocate around 8% of their revenue to marketing. In today’s digital world, you might assume that this means you should focus solely on online advertising.

But you’d be wrong here!

Modern marketing places an emphasis on omnichannel tactics. And this means you need to have a good marketing mix, both online and offline.

Want to learn more? In this article, we’ll discuss print advertisement and why it’s still relevant today.

What Is Print Advertising?

Print advertising is exactly what it sounds like. Companies come up with strategic ads and then have them printed through commercial printers. This means that the marketing is a physical one on paper, rather than on websites.

Some print advertisement examples include:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine ads
  • Direct mail
  • Brochures

Does Print Media Advertising Work?

We’d say it’s a resounding yes for this question! Of course, not all print ads are created equally, just as it’s not the case for online ads too.

Effective print advertisements can have a lasting effect on consumers, so much so that they can be more effective than digital ads at times!

Consider this: when you’re served a digital ad, you see it and then carry on with whatever you were doing. Even if you wanted to recall the ad later on, it can be tough to do so.

Now think about a newspaper ad or brochure. If you happen upon one or are handed one, you can look at it, then move on. And when you want to recall the ad, all you have to do is bring out the newspaper or brochure to get the information you need.

Also, print media works well in brick-and-mortar stores. You can either lay out the ads so customers can pick and choose themselves or you can directly hand these papers to them.

They might stuff these ads in their purses, but later, they might find them useful. Also, if they really like your brand, they can pass print ads onto their friends, which isn’t as easily doable with digital ads.

Have a Diverse Marketing Mix

Now, just because print advertisement is so effective doesn’t necessarily mean you should abandon digital marketing. But the fact is, many businesses focus mainly or solely on digital advertising, which can cause them to lose out on a huge market.

The important thing is to make every dollar of your marketing budget count by having a diverse marketing mix. When you cover both online and offline, this will enable you to reach a larger audience!

Don’t Ignore Print Advertisement

As you can see, print advertisement still works very well in this day and age. While most of us are indeed stuck to our smartphones, computers, and TVs, we still do walk around the streets, malls, events, etc. Because of this, it’s important that print advertising is still part of your marketing mix!

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