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Ways to Hack Facebook Accounts


Facebook is the largest site with the most members of social networks in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users, it is the social network par excellence and practically, the one that gave rise to the virality of these social interaction sites today. This is a great advantage at the level of success, it is also the preferred network when it comes to trying to hack and violate the accounts of its millions of members.
Statistically, the search query hack a Facebook is one of the most searched terms on the internet in the main search engines in today’s article we’ll focus on the ways that Facebook accounts can be hacked, and if this infiltration is easy to carry out. A high level of knowledge in computer science and programming is required to carry out such actions.

Basic concepts you should know about Facebook hacking

Before continuing with the article, let us specify some of the most used concepts in the subject. So a hack consists of putting computer systems, personal accounts, computer networks, or digital devices at risk.
But it’s not necessarily malicious activity: there’s nothing inherently criminal about the official definition of hacking. Another way to define hacking is as simple as using technology or related knowledge to successfully overcome a challenge.
Vulnerabilities in a social network: These are all the weaknesses or holes that can be found in a system that can be exploited by someone with the proper knowledge and infiltrate a system or intervene in a social network user’s account.
Phishing: It is that action caused by using identity theft or deceiving the user through techniques with web clones of an original site, thus obtaining all the information necessary to seize that account.

Man in the middle (MITM): It is an action that occurs with the intersection of information between a sender and receiver in which a third party intercepts the message or information exchanged before it reaches the original receiver of the same. It is a typical situation when you connect through a public Wi-Fi network, where this vulnerability is maximized, due to this particular characteristic in the type of network.

Keyloggers: Keyloggers are another of the main ways attackers use when hacking Facebook. A keylogger is a program or application that is installed without consent on an electronic device and records all keystrokes made by the user of the device, leading to this information being transmitted to the computer of the infiltrator or hacker user.

Social engineering: Social engineering is a manipulation technique that cybercriminals use to obtain sensitive information from users. If you’ve ever received an unexpected phone call or email from someone asking for your account number, social security number, or other personal information.
In general, social engineering is based on methods and tricks used by hackers, to impersonate original systems by simulating them and trying to deceive the person, to take advantage of obtaining information directly from the hacked user.

Most common mistakes that users make when using their social networks

The greatest responsibility lies directly with the person who is hacked, either due to overconfidence in contacts on social networks, or due to ignorance of basic information, to avoid being hacked on their social network. Down below, we listed some of these oversights, which some users may incur.

Weak passwords

Hackers can easily hack into Facebook accounts by guessing or brute forcing if the password is easy and commonly used, such as a nickname, phone number, partner name, or pet name, just to name a few. Once the hacker has obtained your password, he can do whatever he wants with your account.

Do not use additional security measures in your accounts

A large number of users do not give importance to the need to implement the two-step factor in their personal or business accounts, which creates a security hole in which a hacker who is hunting for vulnerabilities will surely not escape from his field.

Installation and use of computer security applications

Some users have been popularizing the option of not having an antivirus, antimalware, or similar in their operating systems. This is perhaps not the best way to protect yourself from these types of cyber-attacks that we are talking about here, It is always recommended to protect yourself adequately with a good antivirus or antimalware, which automatically automatizes reviews of suspicious files.

The first barrier to protecting yourself from Facebook hack

Phishing emails is an easy way for attackers to hack Facebook accounts. An attacker can create fake emails to make it look like they were sent from Facebook. Here are some examples of what emails might look like:

Notifications about friend requests, messages, events, photos, and videos
False claims that you went against their community standards
Warnings that something will happen to your account if you don’t update it or take a certain action.

We hope that, with these recommendations, you can protect yourself from hacking Facebook and other types of accounts that maximize your productivity.

Alex Hales Work for BTM
Alex Hales Work for BTM
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