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Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning


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Air ducts play a vital role in keeping you and your family safe and healthy inside the comforts of your home. They are responsible for providing heating and cooling all throughout the house.

These past few weeks, I started noticing certain members of my family sneezing too often. I thought maybe it was just the weather. Since then, our house started smelling a little unpleasant. Though I clean up the house regularly, the smell keeps coming back after a few hours of cleaning. The most concerning of all is that my son is having allergy attacks too often. And so I checked the whole house to find out the cause. I was disgusted when I saw my air ducts full of dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful substances. I immediately called our local air duct cleaning provider. Sem’s Duct Cleaning, here in Newmarket Ontario, GTA.

I was impressed with the result of their handwork. It didn’t take them too long because they work fast and efficiently. We immediately felt the difference after the system was cleaned. And so, as for my experience, I’ll give my top 5 benefits after an air duct cleaning.

Cleaner and Safer Living Environment

Air duct cleaning is mainly removing dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful particles that accumulate in the entire system. Other than that, they also sanitize the inside and other parts of the system to avoid pests and insects from settling in the air ducts. With this, it makes the air cleaner and safer to breathe, eliminating the dangers of having polluted air inside of your very house. I immediately felt the difference after the service.

Significant Reduction of Allergens and Irritants

Having a family member with allergies, I make it a point that I clean my house thoroughly and regularly. Allergies are not to be taken lightly. It could be fatal if it gets worse. This is another benefit we experience after cleaning up our air ducts. The feeling of ease when you know that the threat is eliminated at your house. Aside from allergies, it could be dangerous for persons with breathing conditions like asthma. Personally, I highly recommend air duct cleaning. Although it doesn’t eliminate 100%, well no one does, but it will be reduced to its minimum levels significantly.

Eliminates Unpleasant Smell

Air ducts full of dirt and waste are the perfect place for pests and insects. Air ducts are hidden and are not checked too often. If you are noticing an unpleasant smell lingering in the whole house, it might be caused by pests like rodents or insects. These nuisances produce droppings that release bad odors and toxins. Your air ducts might also be full of bacteria and viruses that can endanger your family’s health. This is another reason why you should have your air ducts cleaned.

After cleaning your air ducts, the technicians will also sanitize the entire air duct system to remove the horrible smell. Disinfecting the ducts also eliminates bacteria and viruses produced by these uninvited guests.

Improves Airflow Efficiency

Dusty and dirty air ducts may also cause lack or poor airflow to circulate around the house. If there is too much build-up of dust, dirt, debris, and other particles, they tend to block the air coming in and out of the system resulting in airflow inefficiency. To clean this obstruction, an air duct cleaning is required. During hot and cold seasons, a clean air duct system is all we need for a better and smooth supply of cold and warm air.

Lower Electricity Consumption

If you are noticing your electric bills going higher every month as mine did, it is most likely caused by your air duct system. Air ducts filled with dust, dirt, and debris accumulated through time create obstructions that block the airflow in and out of your house. To properly supply the right amount of air and temperature, the system works harder resulting in higher electric consumption since the system needs more energy to function properly. The only solution would be air duct cleaning and maintenance.

There are many more benefits that a clean air duct can give. These are just my top list. If you are experiencing what I experience, contact your local air duct cleaning service provider to learn more. Thanks to Sem’s Duct Cleaning, I am now at ease knowing my home is safer and the air we breathe is cleaner.

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