You might have found the most perfect-looking used car, but we suggest you look beyond the deceiving appearance. Some cars may appear as good as new, but when you look closer, the tiny flaws can be quite expensive to repair. If there is a prominent scratch or dent on the car, the repair cost can be heavy on your pocket. Looking in the nooks and crannies for such physical damages on the car is very important. Moreover, if your car is recorded for an accident, its value can be even lesser than you imagine.

Cars that have been totalled or have suffered any physical damage are much lower in cost. If you want to know which physical damages lower the worth of the car and to what degree, we have stated some damages below which can help you evaluate the value of a car. Here are a few different types of physical damage and what they mean for the value of your car:

Flood Or Water Damage

A flood-damaged car will usually have a “rebuilt” or “salvaged” title which is legally impossible to be removed. A salvage title reduces the value of a car drastically. If the car has been in floodwaters, chances are that all the electric parts of the vehicle which were not replaced after the mishap will not function well. Your car can suffer transmission and engine problems if the electric parts have not been fully replaced. It is better not to buy such cars. If you own a car with a salvaged title or a flood-damaged car, instead of selling it personally you must sell it to car wreckers. In this manner, you will be able to get the most money for wrecked or salvaged cars.

Cosmetic Damages Of Various Degrees

Cosmetic damages mainly include all the body panel parts like wheels and videos. Suspension parts, cooling system, engine, and frame damages are not a part of the cosmetic damages. Cosmetic damages can happen when a car is involved in a low-speed accident. Trunk lid damage, broken headlights, damage on the rear bumper are a few cosmetic damages that are almost never the cause of totalling a car. By totalling the car, we mean when the car’s repair value exceeds the actual worth of the car. Cosmetic damages are less likely to give your car a salvaged title.

Rebuilt/totalled cars

You must stay away from totalled cars at all costs. If your car has the totalled or rebuilt titles, you might not get a good deal on it. These cars have suffered major damages and the cost of repairing this car is more than the actual value of the car. Buying a car with the salvaged title is certainly not an option.

What Other Factors Contribute To The Depreciation Of A Car?


If the car you are planning to buy is of a brand that has a good name in the market, you are more likely to get a better price for it. If people are confident in the brand and its quality and longevity, you can get a competitive price if using cash for cars Brisbane instant pickup for any vehicle in Queensland wide. However, if the car is of a brand that is known for its cheap products, the value of the car will naturally decrease.

It is also a possibility that a car of a great brand but with more damages sells at a better price than a car of a mediocre brand and fewer damages. Hence, your brand will play a major role in deciding the value of your car.


One can do everything to tidy up their car and get a few repairs done to improve its overall look. However, the odometer can reveal untold secrets. The odometer is the record of total miles run by your car. If you have exploited your car in all aspects and taken it for long road trips, the value of your car has been substantially decreased.

People are willing to pay more for a car which hasn’t run as much. Hence the number of miles run by your car will be a major factor when you decide the value of a vehicle.

Make And Model

Sometimes the manufacturers come up with a brand new model and they depreciate rapidly because people have not tried and tested them. The other times, the same brand of your car comes up with a better model. This may be a major reason why the cost of your car drops down. The make and model of your car are considered in the evaluation of a used car.

Build Or Compliance Date

A model of a particular car which was recently built will be sold at a higher price than the same model which was built a few years ago. The build date also plays a crucial role in deciding how much you can get for your used car.

If you are planning to buy a used car for yourself, cars with salvaged titles or major damages are a big no. However, if your own car has suffered such damage, do not lose hope. You can still make some money out of a junk car. If you want to get the most money off of a wrecked car, all you need to do is reach out to the nearest car wreckers or car recyclers. They buy all makes, models, and brands of cars regardless of their condition.

Whether your car is heavily damaged or has a salvaged title, you can still get top cash for cars. Moreover, such car removals come to your location and remove your vehicle in no time. You will get top cash on the spot and a free car removal service. If you want to sell your damaged car and get some money out of it, call your nearest car wreckers and get a free car valuation online.

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