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The Death of Black Coffee

Why are people switching to espresso?

Many people are complaining about not seeing Black Coffee anywhere anymore. The question that pops into most minds is why are people switching to espresso, especially if it means losing such a great talent and personality.

One reason is that many people have become sick and tired of coffee, so now that a good espresso is available, it is simply easier to switch. Another reason, which may not be very popular, is that coffee is a classic example of a no-risk reward, as it is very easy to drink, and very difficult to stop. Finally, coffee simply tastes better in an espresso machine and, most importantly, espresso machines have good publicity, which Black Coffee did not.

Coffee may be no more interesting for some people, but espresso is definitely new.

What’s so great about espresso?

It’s been over a decade since instant coffee started its fierce attack on the world, and it has been claimed that instant coffee consumption has doubled in the past decade.

Aside from the increasingly hefty price tag of regular coffee, consumers are increasingly turning to espresso – which, according to the International Coffee Organisation, has seen its exports grow by 30 per cent between 2010 and 2014.

What’s so great about espresso?

Espresso stands for espresso – caffè espresso, of course. It’s made by squeezing the coffee seeds from coffee cherries in a press.

Is Black Tea obsolete in the world of coffee?

We all know black tea as a high quality tea, the perfect taste balance of caffeine and floral aroma, so why is it that new generations are now switching over to a new kind of brew? We’re talking about espresso, yes, the beverage that made our grandparents drink coffee every morning!

A barista, a local blogger and YouTuber @exploremexico: Juan Carlos Jaen Molina, expressed his take on this topic.

“When I started working as a barista, I was one of the first in my city to start experimenting with espresso; I’ve worked with plenty of tea coffees and offered several blends I was proud of. But when I tried the Moka French press, my interest in Black Coffee started to fade.

What is the future of black coffee?

Black coffee is slowly disappearing, as people are making the switch from its original form to the more trendy, coffee-based beverages.

A new survey conducted by the BBC found that more than 50% of British people surveyed reported swapping black coffee for hot beverages such as espressos and cappuccinos.

The survey of 7,500 people revealed the average Brit now drinks almost a coffee a day, with cappuccinos and espressos still the two most popular types of hot drink.

The BBC reported that a £100 million worth of black coffee has been consumed every year in the UK over the past decade, equating to half a million cans of coffee.

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