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Frequently Asked Questions When Using Signage as an Efficient Marketing Tool


Your building signage needs to catch the attention of passing consumers in order to function efficiently as a marketing tool. This calls for it to stay competitive with its surrounding rivals and stand out from them. To accomplish the next phase of communication, the sign has to be noticeable so that it can be read!

The majority of customers do not view your signs in this way; however, sign firms and company owners frequently work together to design signage that looks good when finished. They notice it on the roadside as they slog through traffic, apply mascara, engage in an animated conversation with their partners and kids, and chat on their mobile phones.

If you fail to consider these scenarios, your sign will perform poorly – and poor performance is directly related to decreased capture rate, revenues, and money. The roadway department upholds safety standards by monitoring the effectiveness of its sign projects and researching key elements and crash statistics. If crash incidences are elevated in a specific area, the remedy most often implemented is more or bigger signs.

Government, as well as business research, has resulted in a very systematic methodology of sign design that alters the way signs interact with their surroundings. This environmentally friendly approach permits the development of signs that provide businesses with a significant competitive advantage.

One entrepreneur recently noted that after two decades of marginal performance, he was able to improve his signage by using a tried and true design method. He saw a rise in income somewhere between 50% and 60%. While these findings are not common, they do highlight the significance of sign design.

The entire science of signage cannot be sufficiently expressed in a single article; however, let us discuss some of the most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs.

Why do I need a sign for my business?

A sign serves as your intro to people in cars and your greeting to the general public. There isn’t an official word to prospective clients that you are prepared, eager, and want to meet their demands without it. In the sign business world, there is an old adage that goes, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business!”

Signs are required to implement branding. Storage space should be leased at a specific location in which the items are housed, unlike some items that can be dispersed in different outlets, like candies or soda. If you don’t establish your brand in that exact place with striking, stunning, and useful signage, you will miss the chance to attract drive-by traffic.

Is my business sign noticeable, or does it completely blend in with its surroundings?

While traveling through Louisiana last week, I nearly overlooked the exit at which I knew there was a Starbucks. The store’s white and green sign was hidden from view among the pine trees. I reached the exit points’ divided line prior to noticing the sign and was forced to render a brave exit maneuver.

This realistic example demonstrates how, in order to successfully convey your message, you should take into account the reader’s view and perspective. Failure to create a sign that doesn’t blend in with its surroundings and isn’t obstructed will cost your biz money every day.

Does my sign effectively communicate my business model and value offers?

Every business must communicate a specific model to the public. The best strategy is to create value offers that skillfully communicate how your company differs from other businesses on the market. For instance, if your storage unit provides free lorry rental or boat/RV space, such offerings should be advertised on the street and on the building. It is critical that the general public can easily identify your business model.

A well-designed sign will allow your company to effectively communicate without making the sign overwhelming. Including a lot of non-advertising items, including mobile numbers and addresses, makes the sign appear cluttered. To start, make it simple!

Also, use words that the general public will recognize. Pretend you’re unfamiliar with self-storage when deciding on what to write in the sign. Business thinking can be restrictive, and we can start communicating in ways that outsiders, our clients, do not understand. Our signs and staff must communicate in the language that uninformed consumers understand.

Do my community laws protect me from sharing information with the public?

In this modern age of ever-increasing sign regulations, it is critical to seize every opportunity possible. A comprehensive review by a sign professional like Shieldcoart business signs can occasionally produce additional techniques for bypassing a pre-existing sign code. However, science should be at the heart of the design. Not the code nor the art utilized should fill the science mandated by the area where the sign will sit.

Sign regulations may compel the use of innovative signage. There are several methods to help make up once signs are limited to sizes that are too tiny to be seen clearly. First, try pointing out the struggles to the community board of adjustment, backed by empirical evidence.

After a run-in with the community board wherein I discussed why we will need our sign to be illuminated from within, the board asked me to revise its sign regulations. Making a plea for a bigger sign is no match for completing the assignment using recognized scientific data.

If all else fails, adjusting the shape of the sign to a shorter or wider ratio will enable for bigger copy size in a limited area. Both horizontal and vertical position along the road to prevent obstructing traffic is also an important aspect of appropriate sign design.


A thoughtful and meticulous assessment of your sign is required for business success. Regardless if you’re creating an entirely fresh or substitute sign, employ the various techniques required to develop a sign that perfectly meets your location and business model.

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