This Is the Best Way to Sell Your Beanie Baby


    If you’re someone who enjoys collecting items based on their rarity or monetary value, you’re sure to have heard of Beanie Babies – and maybe you already have some!

    The stuffed animals were introduced in the early 90s by the now-famous toy company, Ty Inc. Shortly after their initial release, people began trading and selling their Beanie Babies for thousands of dollars.

    To this day, collectors are determined to discover the best way to sell Beanie Babies. And if you’re surrounded by these little stuffed creatures but overwhelmed at trying to find places to sell them, we’ve got you covered!

    Whether it’s valuable or not, you can still find the best way to sell Beanie Babies for you. Keep reading!

    Some Beanie Babies are extremely rare – for example, Princess the Bear sells for $500,000.

    That’s why sites like are fantastic places to sell collectibles of all kinds, rare Beanie Babies included! Once you’ve sold a certain amount of items on this site, you may qualify for free shipping.

    So, if you discover that some of your collection is rare, is a great place to sell Beanie Babies.


    Looking to sell Beanie Babies online? Then check out eBay, one of the most popular e-commerce companies.

    Between fashion, electronics, and sporting goods eBay is used to sell almost anything and everything – including Beanie Babies! If you’re just beginning to sell your Ty collectibles, eBay is a solid starting point.

    What makes eBay one of the best ways to sell Beanie Babies, you’re wondering?

    Well, their best feature allows you to either set a fixed price or let people bid as if the item was being auctioned off. With the bidding option, you have the potential to make more money (or less, depending on how it goes).


    Maybe you prefer to connect with local collectors to sell or trade Beanie Babies, and you spend time wondering, “Who buys Beanie Babies in my area?”

    As it turns out, lots of people buy, sell, and trade these Ty collectible stuffed animals – we bet some of these people live in your community! If you want to connect with them to sell or trade Beanie Babies, Craigslist is the place for you.

    Craigslist determines your location and with a simple search of what you’re looking for, it will display a page of current listings for said item(s) and where the seller is located.


    According to the website, Sell4Value is committed to purchasing any rare Beanie Babies, regardless of how tattered, worn, or stained they are. However, the site is still picky about which ones they do indeed accept.

    It’s worth checking out their list to see if you have any of the rare Beanie Babies they have an interest in purchasing. If you do have any of the ones from the list, consider getting a quote to see how much you’d be getting paid!

    The Best Way to Sell Beanie Babies

    When you find yourself searching, “how to sell Beanie Babies” and “Beanie Baby appraisal”, you know it’s time to sell some of your collection.

    Craigslist,, Sell4Value, and eBay are all brilliant places to sell Beanie Babies as well as connect with other collectors like you. But at the end of the day, the best way to sell Beanie Babies is what works best for you!

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