The Art of Resume Review: Identifying Top Talent at a Glance

The Art of Resume Review: Identifying Top Talent at a Glance

If you’re an employer, chances are that you’ve been around the block when it comes to hiring people. But you also know what it’s like to receive a ton of resumes to sift through. You want to hire the right person for the job but with so much information to read, how do you pinpoint the best candidates for the job? Here are a few tips to identify top talent at a glance:  

Know what you’re looking for

When it comes to posting a job description and anticipating receiving applications, you’ll want to be sure to define what exactly you’re looking for. Yes, you may need a content writer or professional illustrator, but do you know what you want from a candidate beyond their job description


From their life experience to their education, write down everything that really matters to you and the position that you want to fill when looking for your new employee. This will help you narrow down resumes so that it’s easier to make a choice on who you want to hire. You want to be confident you’re your choice before you go ahead with cheap background checks and onboarding. 


Check out their history of adaptability

Speaking of what you should look for, there are certain aspects of someone’s career that you’ll want to take a look at. For example, you may want to consider choosing someone who has shown themselves to be adaptable, capable of navigating changes and revamping with new projects over the years, as this can be important with the ever-shifting landscape of the corporate world. Are they someone who has lived in various cities and has skills spanning various areas? They could be a great resource for your company. 

Education can matter—look for it

While not every job should require a degree, education can be an important point to pay attention to if your job opening does call for expertise and knowledge that can be gained through higher education. Typically, you can expect professional results from someone who has been to a school that you know delivers exceptional results. 


While this isn’t always the case and there are numerous talented individuals out there without higher education, if that matters to the position that you want to fill, make a list of what type of degree or school you want your candidate to have. 

They clearly define their work experience

While this isn’t the number one thing to look for, as some people are better at putting together a resume than others, you do want to be able to easily pinpoint their work experience. If their work is spread all over various industries with gaps in between jobs, while this isn’t always a bad thing, it could raise questions. 


If you’re looking for someone with focused experience in a particular field, it could be helpful to determine that you’re only looking further at resumes that showcase this kind of streamlined expertise. Keep an open mind with this point but do know that someone who has been working in a certain industry for years is probably going to bring the knowledge you want to the job opening you have for that specific field. 

Look at included links

Take your resume browsing a step further by reviewing links that are included. A lot of professionals will have extensive experience shared on their LinkedIn and other sites. If you feel like you want a clearer view of what they bring to the table, check out these links. You could discover even more highlights from their work experience that could showcase that they are exactly what you’re looking for. 

In Conclusion 

With so many professionals looking for jobs, you may be looking for professionals who can bring their best to your company. It takes time and research to learn the art of resume reviewing but once you get it down, hiring professionals will be that much easier for you.