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An Overview on the collection of Ladies Heel footwear


Women heels are stylish footwear and almost every woman is obsessed to buy heel shoes and complete her wardrobe. It is type of footwear that Women wardrobe is incomplete if there is no heel sandal. Heel shoes look elegant in various occasion including parties, wedding events, festivals and fashion shoes. It is further seen that some dresses are imperfect. Heels are the stylish type of footwear that is worn by women or even some short heighted man use heeled shoes. It increases the confidence and changes the attitude.. In this regard, Servis provides all types of heels to its customers.

How heels are different from Sandals?

a.    Increase the height:

The first and foremost feature of wearing heel sandals is to increase the height of any person. There are people who have small height and want to look smart and heighted, they prefer to buy such shoes or sandals having comfortable heel.

b.    Need practice:

As every woman has her own choice about wearing sandals and shoes. Some like to wear high heel, and she especially practices to maintain the balance in crowd place or any event such as School performance where heels are must require. So, it can be said the sandals do not need practice but heels need.

c.    Stylish and Trendy

Heels are trendy footwear items and it has almost stylish design therefore it is considered as a stylish footwear. While sandals look formal or some are stylish as well.

Different variety of heels made by Servis:

Here are the kinds of heels available in stores:

Block Heel:

It is common and comfortable type of heel that must present in ladies wardrobe. It has open toe or closed toe shape with elegant colors. This type of heel sandal is easy to wear and carry in public places. It maintains the balance during walking and standing for long time in debate. It puts minor pressure on the foot that is the reason every girl wants to wear it. Servis provides this type of heel in both shape rectangle and square with tremendous styles.

Cone Heel

It is old style heel but still is very common in use. It shape is like ice-cream cone. The foundation of this heel is thin but broader from inner sole. It is available in different heights. Women can wear this type of heel in any function. It is not specific for any function but mostly used in wedding events.

High Heel

This type of heel is so thin and too high. It is also known as Stilettos Heel. It is designed with almost all styles of shoes including pumps, sandals. It looks elegant in functions especially worn by Models during modeling. It increases the height but it required practice before wearing because every woman cannot easily handle it. Servis manufactures this kind of heel with prime quality material that maintains its balance.

Wedge Heels:

There is possibility that some ladies do not like to wear high heel or other type heel due to uncomfortable. Servis has option for such customers. It provides new trendy wedge heels with wedge style shoes or sandals.  This type of heel sandals prefers to wear in offices or formal events. It has extended sole from top to bottom. Any woman feels easy and happier without fear of fall after wearing it. Servis design various women shoes with combination of sophisticated colors. It gives pleasant feeling with fashionable footwear.

Kitten Heel:

This is decent type of heel commonly wear by aged women. Its height is between 1-3 inches that easily wear it. It is narrow in shape and designed with pumps and booties. It is not as such trendy in fashion because limited ladies like to wear such heel but it comes and goes in fashion and only wears when fashion of this heel is going on.  In Servis store, it is almost available with stylish sandals and shiny colors.  Now, it is also available in matte color like brown, black, skin very common. Some office going women still wear such type of heel because it is easy to carry and maintain balance in whole day.it keeps feet cool and non-sweaty.

Lucite Heel:

One of the trendiest heels is Lucite Heel now days. It is clear and transparent in color. It gives stylish look. It is block, curve and flared in shape. This type of heel is liked by those ladies who like to dance in parties or some designer models wear it while making shoot for dresses. As Servis follows the fashion trend therefore, it also manufactures such modern footwear. It not only makes in white transparent color but also make of light colors. It is easy to wear and comfortable while walking.


As, above discussion reveals the secret of heel shoes. Most of the girls are unaware about the types of heels and unable to select heel according to their height. In this regard, Servis Stores hire experienced customer dealing team that assists their customer while choosing best heel according to the function and guide them about its flexibility. All design of heels is latest design with graceful colors. It ensures the long lasting material of its heels and never compromises the quality of its product. Whenever you want to buy a good one heel sandal must visit Servis Store.

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