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Possums and Your Garden: How to Protect Your Plants and Vegetables from Wildlife Damage

Possums are wild animals that have been increasingly turning up in many private homes all across Australia. Over time with rapid urbanization, possums have adapted to living in human-inhabited areas. Being night animals and good climbers they frequently nest in your homes and get steady supply of food and water source. They cause considerable damage and so if you find one, hire possum control Brisbane specialists to remove them.

The two main types of possums that infest gardens are the larger brushtail possums that do considerable damage to your gardens and the smaller ring tail ones that eat garden plants. So if you spot a few damaged plants and upturned trash cans know you have a few possums around and it is time to call pest control Brisbane experts.

How to possum proof your gardens and yards

Possums are big eaters and feast on anything and everything they find. They are particularly active around gardens and your yards and you can guess when they have invaded your gardens. They run over flower and vegetable beds, eat hanging fruits and damage young shoots and branches and make everything look like a mess. Of course if the infestation has set in you have to hire possum control Brisbane specialists. To prevent possum infestation you have to take a few measures that would keep them away in the first place. Let us look at a few practical ways to deter possum infestation.

Creating a physical block or barrier

The first step to keeping possum away from your property is to erect or place physical barriers. This may involve making a metal fence around the perimeter of your property and also cover for each plant. Possums gain entry as they are good climbers. But if you make a wire fence of approximately 2.5 m height that has a top made of floppy wire it would make climbing a challenge for possums. The wire flops towards outside, making things difficult for the possums. This is especially effective for those homeowners building a new garden in suburban or non urban areas. The trick is to keep fence line apart from overhanging branches and bushes that may help possums to make an entry. By keeping a small distance or gap in the fence will not allow possums to get an easy entry.

In case you have an old garden fence, you may get spikes fitted on it to drive away possums and other wild animals. Always trim overhanging branches of trees to keep them away from fences.

Another option you can consider is growing shrubs and fruit trees within custom built wire cages for fruits that will also safeguard your plants from birds and bats. To keep possums from climbing fix plastic or metal sleeves on a few meters of lower trunk of trees. Also trees should be at a gap from wall or fence.

Other plants may be protected from possum attacks by fitting them with covers made of wire or shade cloth that may be removed in daylight since possums are active at night. Also you may use a wire waste bin to act as cover. Same may be done for vegetable beds that may have wire covers that can be used at night. For young plants also wire covering may be used. Metal wire can withstand possum attack and protect the plants from being damaged.

Grow plants that possums avoid 

It is a good practice to grow amidst your plants and gardens a few plants that possums avoid. These serve to deter possums and possum proof your gardens and yards. These include plants like agapanthus, lavender, box, rosemary, and acanthus.

Movement activated sprinklers with lights in your gardens and yards

Possums are active at night and run and destroy your garden. If you install motion activated sprinklers and lights it will scare the possums away from your garden as they avoid water and light.

Using sprays

Possums continuously feed on plants and prevents even re growth causing many plants to die. There are many commercial sprays you can buy that may be applied to new buds, leaves and new shoots. They drive away the possums and do not poison them. They have to be sprayed frequently as they tend to get washed off with train.

Possums are by and large shy creatures. They operate at night and cause all the havoc. But it is better to let them be handled by Pest control Brisbane specialists since possums are under the protected list. The service experts have the skill and technique to trap the possums and relocate them properly without harming them. But as a homeowner you can do your bit by keeping your yards free from food spills, keeping garbage in closed lids and following the few suggestions mentioned to ward off possums from causing your garden any damage.

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