How To Select Installers For Solar Panels?

Purchasing solar panels is indeed a solid investment. This is why you have to be certain that you select the correct one for your needs. The industry has many installers who all claim that they provide the best services. It can be overwhelming choosing one especially if you are not sure what to look for. The following tips aim to help you out here:


The installer that you choose should be accredited according to the place that they are working in. They should be a member of appropriate associations. 

If a subcontracting business is the one that will undertake the actual installation, make sure that they have the right accreditations also. 

Willing to visit your home

The installer must want to come to your home or business to analyze the situation. They should provide you with information concerning the sustainability of solar panels in your home or office. 

The company may even provide you with suggestions on ways to save energy and whether your home is actually energy efficient. 

For installers who do not take the time to evaluate their particular needs, the best installation may not be able to be gotten. 


Ask the installer to give you references as well as testimonials from clients who have worked with them. If the company has been working for some time, they will not have an issue providing references. 

Do your research as well on the installer. Look at valid references. Neighbors, friends, the family can help suggest an installer. If you trust these people, they can tell you how it was working with the installer

If you talk to previous customers you can get to know the ways that the installation procedure got handled with them. 


Know what type of warranty the equipment has. The average warranty provided for solar panels tends to be about 20 years. 

When the warranty is for less time, you can think that the quality of panels provided may be lower. You should know that storage batteries along with solar inverters possess a limited guarantee. This is about 5-10 years. Many installers also give a workmanship warranty that must be at least 1 year. 

Know the different warranties present before beginning the procedure. 

Comprehend the quotations

It is a good idea to get quotes from a minimum of 3 installers. These quotations must be tailored to your particular requirements. 

Compare the quotes and look at what is added to the price. Certain installers require scaffolding or extra work on the roof, therefore make certain that these are added. If you do not do this, you can end up having to pay more than is present in the quote. 

Beware of any sales tactics when looking for a solar installer. It is better to spend time doing your research carefully so that you can end up with the best one who can help you out. There are different companies like PV Connections. Look at what they have to offer.