5 Ways to Use PDF Expert to Get the Most Out of Your Apple Mac


    Have you heard of PDF Expert? It’s a great application that can help you organize your documents, streamline the printing process and more. You might have seen it on our list of Mac apps for school or work. Here are some fun ways to use PDF Expert for even more productivity that will get you through your day with ease.

    Keep your notes with PDF Expert

    There are many great reasons to use PDF Expert. One of the best is how it lets you take your notes with you everywhere you go.

    PDF Expert has a built-in Notes feature that lets you create and share notes about every document you work on. So, if you need to access information while you’re on the go, like an address or phone number, it will be right at your fingertips!

    Plus, when someone else works with that document in the future, they’ll see the same notes that you did. It’s an easy way to collaborate with team members and get everyone on the same page.

    Get the most out of your printing process

    PDF Expert’s printing capabilities make it easy to print the right document at the right size with just a few clicks.

    For example, you could open up a contract and highlight the text in the sidebar that you want to be printed on regular paper. Drag and drop that text into PDF Expert’s printing screen, and it will automatically print on letter-sized paper according to your settings. This is perfect for when you need to sign contracts before faxing them.

    Another way PDF Expert can streamline your printing process is by letting you create different layouts for each type of page headings or footers. You could put company information on all your documents, even if they are different sizes or require special pages—all without wasting ink or paper.

    Utilize features like Fillable forms

    PDF Expert includes a variety of features that will help you through your day. One of the most useful is Fillable forms, which can save you time and allow for more accuracy.

    Fillable forms are super easy to use. All you have to do is open a PDF, select a form field and start typing your information. This can work for everything from a rental agreement to a survey.

    You know what’s even better? You can share this document with others and allow them to fill it out as well! No need for everyone to print out the same form – make it digital and save paper.

    Use PDF Expert to keep track of your work

    Do you find yourself trying to keep track of all your work using many different apps? PDF Expert has the ability to act as a central hub for all your thoughts, notes, and ideas. It can also be used as an organizational tool to help you stay on top of deadlines and important dates.

    PDF Expert allows you to create easy-to-follow action plans with checklists that are automatically updated when tasks are completed. It can also be used as a project management tool by creating separate PDFs for each major task. When the task is complete, it can then be archived or deleted from the app.

    This will help keep your documents organized and ready to go at any time. With PDF Expert, you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to find what you need in a disorganized folder or document list because everything is right at your fingertips!

    Other ways to use PDF Expert

    PDF Expert is a robust application that offers many features for managing and editing PDFs. You can use it to annotate, merge, convert, search, and much more. You can even create your own forms or edit existing ones.

    But you don’t need to stop there—just because this software specializes in PDFs doesn’t mean you can’t use it to focus on other documents as well.

    Here are some unique ways you could put PDF Expert to work:

    – Create presentations: You can use Photoshop or another image editor to prepare slideshows for presentations and then export them as a PDF. With just one click, you can import these files into PDF Expert and insert annotations and comments for an interactive presentation.

    – Print documents: There’s no need to print out your document every time someone wants a physical copy; instead, save it as a PDF with comments and annotations and send it electronically. Print jobs will be simpler thanks to the built-in printing queue system in PDF Expert, which lets you control timing of jobs according to printer availability

    – Scan documents: Scanning paperless documents into digital format is easy with the help of the OCR (optical character recognition) function in PDF Expert. Simply

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